The marathon begins

Would someone be allowed to dress as such and run outside our neighbourhood?

Would someone be allowed to dress as such and run outside our neighbourhood?*

I have stuck my chin in the air, right hand on my hip, puckered up my lips (abit pale now) and patted myself on the back (mentally).

I have finally – with more mechanical than emotional movement – put on my old but new runners and socks I dug out from somewhere (i’m not even sure its mine) and headed outside for a RUN. Now it wouldnt be called a run if there was no quick movement of the legs involved so I shall settle for more of a half run-brisk-jog description. I ran 4 laps of 200ms (estimated) outside in the neighbourhood because I wasnt wearing contacts or glasses and didnt want to risk encountering a fierce dog which had escaped from a neighbour’s backyard by running too far from home. Wait, this is Shah Alam, things like that dont happen…


So I got SOME form of moral support from Ron but he insisted he would come with me driving alongside in the golf buggy, cigarette(s) in hand. I shrugged – whatever made him happy to accompany me on my Pilot Run. But later he found out the golf buggy was taken (for golf by his dad) for its ACTUAL purpose, so he dragged his slippered feet outside with me. He walked the length of the first lap, BlackBerry in hand, eyes on the net, with me running ahead, risking looking rather moronic. I have found that running is not really a dignified position for a “lady” unless you are in hot running shorts and a bra top – which I was not (see picture above). I looked more like a 8 year old kid in 3 quarter loose running pants, higher-than-necessary socks and a t-shirt. Skinny legs and all ensconced in huge running shoes. YOU GET THE PICTURE.

I was huffing and puffing as I passed him. I made him check the time. “How far have I gone you think?” I huffed, jogging on the spot while he checked the time. (Cannot lose momentum! Keep moving!)

“Its prolly been about 200meters, no, maybe 100” he says. So there he takes his leave and I go on to make another 4 laps.

My face was red and my legs rather shaky as I made it back to the house. I noticed with great satisfaction that I had sweat and the insides of my runners felt abit moist and warm, not cold and hard as when I put them on. I ran all the way upstairs to check the time on my computer. I had ran for a grand total of 10 minutes! Had it only been 10 minutes?

Mental calculation: 10 minutes per 1km is still 50 minutes to complete 5kms and I’m sure there is a decreasing factor for each subsequent KM ran.

The RUNNAT 5km run had a time limit of 45 minutes – and to run while praying out loud, I would prolly have to minus 20% stamina. I am way off the average scale of 45 mins. I decided I was built better and more athletic than that and the past 10 years of non-exercise has done me no good. I decided to then go for a swim – why not push ALL the boundaries? I brushed aside the worry of sudden heart failure after sudden exertion. Wow, DUO-athlon as in triathlon for Sue-Ann is a REAL achievement, and more exercise than I’ve done in 2 years combined.

But today I feel great!

Tomorrow I will take my 800meters to double the distance. PUMP THAT HEART!



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