The 5-yearly medical check up

It was with some trepidation that we  booked for the cardio package medical check up for this morning – as you know, the only mode of exercise I perform is carrying my 6kg work bag + laptop up 3 stories to the office each morning and for Ronnie, it’s walking through airports.

So after some haranguing from his Dad we were off to do the cardio medical check up in SJMC today. We were told to fast from 10pm onwards the night before until our appointment the following morning. Last night I had to program DO NOT EAT AFTER 10PM on my mobile phone reminder AND Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Since I was out of the house last night, I phoned Ron last night at exactly 10.05pm to remind him not to eat anything til the next day. He asked in a small voice, “Can I have a small cup of Milo?”. Perhaps the thought that he wasn’t supposed to eat anything else for the night made him hungry.

So this morning we arrived on the dot at 10am, was NOT made to wait and everything was very efficiently done. My first step was to complete the registration form and call out some urine. Then headed straight to the ECG room, where i passed by someone who was running on the treadmill with the doctor, having small talk about his work and family life while he was at it. I was told to lie down and ‘bare’ my chest and lift my shirt by a female nurse. Hmm, sounds very triple X, isnt it? Anyway be sure to wear a good bra when your going for these things! 🙂

The nurse expertly placed about 10 sticky things on various parts of my upper body (kinda like blue tape). I was told to breathe regularly for 2 minutes and not move. One done, I expected to put on my socks and running shoes (feeling mighty glad and smug I did that 800meter run day before yesterday) but the Nurse says “No need for running today. Only part 2 when you come back, your doctor will let you know”. No chance to show off my new found running skills? HOW CAN?

So I head off to do the dreaded blood test next.

Note: Not for the faint hearted

Note: Not for the faint hearted*

I begged her “Please be gentle!” And she smiled and said, “No pain one, just ask your boyfriend” – Ron had gone in before me. After she stuck in the needle (while I looked away AND shut my eyes) she said “Not painful right?” I took 5 seconds longer to reply “Pain lah”. I’ve had less painful blood withdrawals, thank you very much! Ronnie must have somewhat flirted with the Nurse before my turn.

When I saw him he says “I told the Nurse – Mesti cucuk tempat betul ah!” The nurse laughed and said “Pernah orang cucuk salah ke?”

Ron says “Ya-lah, 5 kali cucuk baru dapat. Di sini lagi, SJMC beberapa tahun lalu bila saya buat medical check up”

The Nurse said “Oh ya ke?” and ‘ouch’ the thing went in, he says.

Man, we really are at the mercies of hospital and clinical staff, arent we?

So after that ‘ordeal’ we paid and left feeling more than relieved – now for the next 5 years relief. FOOD TIME, Our bodies screamed.

* – general picture


2 thoughts on “The 5-yearly medical check up

  1. Hey Sue Ann,

    I am one person who doesn’t mind going for Medical Checks but eventually I will fail doing that cos I am freaking frighten of Blood Test. Prior to my job acceptance in IBM, they requested me to go for my Blood Test at SJMC too! I nearly turned down the job offer as I am chicken shit when comes to this check. I just hate NEEDLES!!!! I was contemplating JOIN or DON’T JOIN IBM? Imagine man… Finally neither do I have much choice, I went for that ‘poking’ session.. Arrggghhhh…

    It was an experience though….

  2. HI Audrey, wonderful experience isnt it? Sometimes it the worry that keeps us from doing thigns but then you do it, and realise HEY that wasnt so bad after all!

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