Gin and Jacqie

Ok time for a product review!

Wei Ney and I were in Bangsar a couple of days ago and we thought to stroll into Cziplee Plus (catered more to the Arty community – when I mean Art, I mean paintbrushes, easels, etc). There were colourful, innocent-looking bags hanging on shelves and they were small. I am not really a fan of small bags, honestly, I get very annoyed when I have to choose what to put inside my bag and line them up in a certain manner before getting everything to fit inside. I prefer big roomy bags which can double up as a secret hiding place for less-than-necessary purchases. It saves you from tiptoe-ing around your husband with your impulsive buys while he watches TV! Cool huh!

Other than traveller’s bags which boast multipanelling and pockets for all sorts of junk you may want to keep in your bag, mostly women’s handbags (of the tote variety) lack proper, organised pockets and compartments.

Stepping in – Gin and Jacqie Bag Organisers!

I thought at Rm49.90 per bag it was worth a try.


Cute and useful! Never will I have to dig around for my pens again. So undignified!

Anyway, I am liking it very much so far. They come in nice, bright colours as well. As far as I am concerned, these little things are geniuses! You can choose a colour that matches the lining of your bag. Or you can choose to use it on its own. You can get this at Cziplee Plus, of course, or browse it at under accessories.

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