I am so extremely disappointed with service at that I am taking to my blog to rant about it!

I had ordered 2 hampers to be delivered to Johor a good 4 days before Hari Raya, and payment had been made immediately upon order. Today, its been 4 days after Hari Raya and my client called to say no hampers were received.

I rang the sales person at who dealt with my payment so efficiently but conveniently ‘forgot’ to send my hampers out. Both of them!!!

Now he says “We pay Rm2.00 for return of Delivery Orders from our courier company and so far the DO hasnt’ come back to us!”

Another angry phone call later, he admits that his hamper stocks (both my hampers) did not even go out from the warehouse for the courier company to send!!

So unless you want terrible service and complete unreliability,DON’T SHOP at HAMPERMALAYSIA.COM.


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