First day in “Unique Singapore”

I just realised that I dont have my camera transfer cable so there wont be any photos up until I get back to KL. Awwww!

We didnt make it to the track last night but we heard and saw the practice session from the 28th floor of our hotel. We had to crouch at the lift lobby (carpeted, phew!) to view one of the grandstands (so close!) As the cars swished by, Ron would point excitedly and say…OOh, there goes Kimi, there goes Mark, there’s Sebastian. (Note: new found interest in Sebastian because he is staying in our hotel) I dont know how he identifies which driver from 28 stories up, but I’ll nod in agreement and let him have his day.

Was on the way to do a body massage last night – and a fantastic one it was – for my sore shoulders and back (not, I may add, from over-shopping at all cos all I bought yesterday was a pair of slippers and back up ear plugs from the pharmacy) and a hotel staff says to me “Oh, are you going to the pool?” I said, nawwww, I’m going to the spa and fitness area and he replied….”OK, cos if you go to the pool now, you’re gonna need earplugs.” – The practice session was on, and the hotel pool is located right behind that Grandstand, separated by 1 small road but unfortunately, we can’t just cross the road to access the place.

Today is the end of the first day of my surprise trip and so far we havent been at the Formula 1 track. Today, I promise! There is a F1 rocks concert in Singapore tonight – and Beyonce is performing!  Tickets are all sold out! (sad face) and only VIP tickets are available at SGD850 a pop. Are you nuts?


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