My Flavour Turns ONE!

Happy Birthday My Flavour!

Happy Birthday My Flavour!

Chigga Chigga Chak CHAK Cheng! Que the cymbals.

My Flavour turns One this month! I love the fact that I have some great regular blog readers – my love to you all!

I am truly thankful to have an avenue to vent my 2 cents. Thank you all my cheerful, eclectic readers for supporting my blog (whether behind the scenes or silently or LOUDLY with no shame). Your visits are my motivation to continue on my sometimes meaningless chatter (don’t criticise me, I am sensitive and my skin will fold like ‘popiah’ skin!) If there are any haters, well, dont make yourself known and all will be well! ha ha!

If I have offended you, thrilled you, annoyed you, bring out the tears in you, made you emotional, made you laugh, made you roll your eyes, or made you come back for more, I apologise profusely for any provoked injustices done to your human emotions. However, if you find yourself coming back for more (and even wondering why), I’m sharing the LOVE!

Many times I felt discouraged enough to discontinue my ‘hard work’ (which I may make look easy “batting my eyelids”) which sometimes takes SOME commitment to pursue. I promise you, most of my thoughts for the blog comes from spur of the moment inspirations (bursts of lunacy, I actually meant) and emotion and thought overloads during my 90 minute weekly body massages and/or foot reflexology sessions.

The Many Faces of Lim Sue-Ann

The Many Faces of Lim Sue-Ann

My resolution for next year ahead is to provide more meaningful reads and not airhead ones. I truly hope and pray that perhaps in some strange manner, God may lead you to keep coming back to my site and in my more lucid moments, My Flavour might pull some of your strings, somewhere, somehow. I like knowing this is my world and for those of you sharing it, God Bless!

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