A beautiful union

Eternal Union

Eternal Union

The moment you have been waiting for all your life...

The moment you have been waiting for all your life...Tim and Cindy Ng

Counting down the days to my own Registration of Marriage, I have been so busy with planning that I had not stopped to think about having cold feet or Wedding Jitters. We all know that a marriage is for life, spent with the person you love and I am wondering – just how much will change after signing on the dotted line?

Would it be a psychological change? A physical change – perhaps in your way of dressing, manner of speech, expectations?

To someone who has done the deed, bitten the dust, tied the knot – Congratulations to my cousin Cindy and her new hubby Tim – who registered on 28th Sept 2009 (pics above)

EH! – A MISSUS now…share value just dipped!! Ha Ha!


2 thoughts on “A beautiful union

  1. 28th September 2009 you mean LOL!! We signed the LIFE certificate in september Sue hehe. Today is only the 12th of Oct. You ARE indeed busy with your wedding plans šŸ˜›

    But thank you so much for featuring Tim and myself in your blog. I’ve always been a silent supporter of your blog. But its time to come out from the closet to tell you, its ALLLLL good after signing on the dotted line. You’ll love each other more, planning for the future FOR REAL and expressing your love to one another even more now – morning & night! (is a must!)

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