Vernie Poo

VP and Mum

VP and Mum

Dear Vernie Poo,

Its going to be your birthday soon. Lately, your Jie Jie doesn’t cry so easily anymore. I believe I am suffering from a ‘hardened conscience’ and I was afraid that I would finally stop crying and that you would go to the back of my head.

Vernie, very soon its going to be hard imagining you voice, your stupid antics, your silly riddles and your trademark grunt when we start nagging you.

Do I only have these few pictures to remind me of you? Do we really have to spend the rest of our lives without you? I wish you didnt go so soon…I wish our time together on earth wasnt so short. Why you Vernie? There is no space or time for regrets Vernie – I wont let myself go there. We all miss you very much – but we try to make our world and lives continue working and moving. How can we fill the void that was your silliness, worries about you, the lectures about sleeping late, going out late and studying?

You are so precious – sometimes we hardly realise what is so so so precious til its gone forever, right? Sorry Vernie…. but you knew that your Jie Jie and Ko Ko loves you very much right?And anyway….you are not gone forever, so its not so bad -its just temporary. So keep yourself occupied til we see you again!

So VP, do you know or feel us down here from up there? Are you laughing at the silly things we do, or sometimes sad that we miss you so much? You must be ‘having the time of your life’ under God’s mighty wing.

I guess we still have many years to live out our lives down here – God permitting – and you’ll probably know what we are up to all the time. How do you look now Vern? What thoughts go through your head now Vern? What have you been doing for the past few months (earth time, of course)?

Your Jie Jie hasnt dreamed of you much lately. This is the only time I can see you – but I can imagine you playing guitar 24/7 and drawing and playing PC games. But maybe up there, your hobbies and passions are different now. One day I will find out when we meet again. I wonder – when I see you again, would we be able to chat and fill the gap of the years of our separation….??? When you were a baby, Mummy always called you Angel. Well, now, you are among angels.

Hug and Kiss



6 thoughts on “Vernie Poo

    • Hi dear…thanks for the note….sorry dear..its one of those days!!! Appreciate all your kind thoughts and prayers. hopefully through my blog everyone starts appreciating what and who they have in their lives. I know its so much easier said then done….:)

  1. Hi sue ann,
    Hope you are well. Your post made me cry like a baby! Being far away from my family now makes me miss them and appreciate every moment i have with them. Hope you are well and congratulations on your up coming wedding. May you continue to be blessed with happiness.

  2. the tears won’t stop rolling when I was reading this post … especially the part you said that you’re afraid you’ll stop crying and everything is forgotten.

    you’re a much much stronger person than I am! *huggles*

    • hi Mel – well at this stage, i tell u… your vulnerable state….tears come very easily. but after a while…your heart hardens….

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