Its a fresh new start

You must have come onto My Flavour wondering …what the?? Yes well, the previous look was not well received, so here is another. You feel so …so….removed, right? How long does it take for someone to get used to something new? Anyway, life is always about new things and exploration – that was how God made us to be.

I am using this special date Oct 14, 2009, which by now you would know is Vern’s Birthday, to make yet another facelift to My Flavour.

Back on this same date in 1992, Vern was born in SJMC, Subang Jaya. Yu Jeen and I were at school I believe, and well, in those days we had no handphones. Later, when we went to see my Mum at the hospital, my Father brought us to another floor in the Nursery, where there were a number of babies lined up at the windows…that kinda now reminds me of that nursery rhyme “How much is that Doggie in the window”?

The baby in the transparent cot bundled up and had my mother’s name and his footprint on the front was just wheeled to one side for a nappy change. As the nurse changed him, he was shrieking away, crying angrily. And I had thought, wow, what a warrior! We still have Vern’s baby foot print to this day. Everything was very awesome to me. God had given life, God had given us a brother – which I had hoped to be a GIRL (but I lost the bet). So his name was christened as Lim Yu Vern (you can’t imagine the number of names we went through before my mother settled on this one). It was either going to be a Lim Li Ann  (for a girl) or a Lim Yu Rick (for a boy). But we thought he might be teased “Yu-Rine” (Urine) in school!!! haha. there were more names but I cannot remember them now.

He was brought home and thus our lives were forever changed after 9 years of it being just Jeen and I, it was now Jeen and I, and that little brat!! (who seemed to get everything he wanted). Vernie was a mischievous little boy, he was inquisitive and he really took things a part. He was the cutest thing ever. Vernie, in our hearts, you are still that little boy and up to today, Daddy still refers to you as “the Small Boy”.

Well Vernie, God had given life, but God had it in his plan that somehow you had gone first before us.

We miss you terribly Vern. Til we meet again (This means I anticipate going to Heaven, you see…).


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