The wonders of No-Shame!

Wow, its been ….ages….since I last posted something – this blog is gathering cobwebs!

Such a luxury....

Such a toilet seat warming sessions per day have dwindled*

Sorry to my dear readers – I never know what busy was til BUSY WAS! I have been running around at breakneck speed and the thoughts running through my head are at lightning speed – literally DIZZI-FY-ING. No time to sit down, relax, watch a DVD….or sit on the potty…….sigh. But for blogging – still must squeeze in some time even if sitting on the potty must wait.

Such is the predicament of a bride to be, unfortunately –  JENG JENG JENG!

YET, the curious nature of women comes to a head in this penchant and flair for the petty, nitty, gritty, over-zealous, its-all-in-the-details-almost disease – when it comes to planning their wedding. Hey, as the famous saying in CLUELESS, where Cher says “And I’m so picky on what goes on my feet” – when it came to choosing a boyfriend. So in choosing a husband – much thought goes into it. But in planning a wedding – WATCH OUT!!!! (I kid, I kid)

So there you have it – you want it simple yet not. How to explain?

And on top of all this, my social calendar seems chock full. When it rains……

I have alot of events to update my blog on and yes they are piling up like paperwork piles up on an editor’s desk. And the no of pics I have to sift through – I could take forever. I’m getting to it, getting to it. So yeah, this post is a post about procrastinating + giving 1001 rationales why I haven’t been updating my blog with much furore.

My Dad asks me….So are you STILL reeling from your alcoholic weekend? THIS is what happens when you don’t update your last post and leave your sentences hanging. My Dad thinks I have been nursing my “hangover” since Saturday night!

Still – I have another 2001 excuses in my pocket, up my sleeves, in my socks – everywhere… tsk tsk tsk, NO SHAME!



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