The Heavenly Man

I am so exhausted that my eyelids were heavy since 6pm. I AM indeed growing old. One night of  ‘i cannot sleeplah!’ til 3am threw my whole sleeping routine out of whack.

Something I would like to share though is this amazing story I am reading right now – practically devouring every page with-that-glint-of-saliva-at-the-edge-of-the-lip-totally-forgotten style.

Amazon "the heavenly man" Autobiography of Brother Yun by Paul Hattaway

Amazon "the heavenly man" Autobiography of Brother Yun by Paul Hattaway

I like this comment/review written by someone on Amazon

Many Christians in America are causally aware that outside the West, Jesus’ followers experince difficulty because of their faith. We observe November’s Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, and afterward go on with our lives. You cannot read this piercing biography of Liu Zhenying, better known as Brother Yun, and remain unchanged.

These recorded experiences show in a concrete way what it is for Chinese Christians to live hard lives of extreme danger because of their faith: police raids in the night, long imprisonment without trial, beatings (no citizen of the West is equipped to imagine what a beating is), forced abortions and sterilizations, starvation, dehydration, isolation, nakedness. But from this, God produces lives of committment to Christ, lives of joy, and and intense motivation to carry the message of the Gospel around the world, at any cost.

It was as if I was reading something from the Book of Acts. Unimagined miracles side by side with heartbreaking hardship – happening daily half a world away.

After reading this book, you’ll appreciate the impact Jesus has on civilization as we know it. You’ll see how dark and brutal civilization becomes without Christ. You’ll understand why the freedoms and protections we take for granted are a treasure.

But you will also see how dangerous peace, safety and material prosperity can be to your spiritual health and to your commitment to serving the cause of Christ.

What will it cost you to NOT read this book?

So Christians (and non-believers are also welcome to) – head out today to grab this book. It was lent to me last night as recommended by my Cell Group leader, Grace. I thought, ok another book on China, but even the first chapter (heck, even the synopsis at the back) had me glued to this book.

It is really a book of countless miracles and testimonies about the sacrifices of this Man called Brother Yun while spreading the gospel in China in the 1970s and 80’s and beyond. I can’t even begin to describe what I read in this book. I only find my faith being strengthened compoundedly after reading this book.

This 16 year old boy was called by God when his father was ill with terminal cancer of the lungs and stomach. The family was terribly poor and they had sold all their possessions to buy medication for this father. The doctors told them to prepare for the worst. After his mother and his siblings started calling out to God to heal his father, all the cancer was gone after 1 week. His faith started from there. Thereafter, he prayed and fasted for ages to be able to have his own bible. In his whole village, only one person had ever seen the bible and that was only a few pages of scriptures. No one know what the bible looked like.

His mother thought he was going mad, so she took him to an old man who used to be a pastor before the confiscation of bibles in China. Young Yun had said “Please! let me see it! I wont touch it, I just want to look at it!” so high was his desire just to SEE the bible. The old man was scared to show it to him and told Young Yun “You will have to pray to ask God for a bible”. Young Yun went back and prayed for 30 days but no sign of the bible. After that he went back to the old man, who told him “You have to fast too!”

And so Young Yun fasted and prayed until he was weak. After 100 days, there was still no bible. But suddenly God gave him a vision that 2 older men would come to his house with bread and a bible. And true enough this was what happened shortly thereafter.

And, there is really too much to mention about the miracles that happened to him, how he got beaten, tortured and jailed but God helped him escape every single time. Well what I had mentioned above was based on my memory of the book (only 1/3rd way through now) so it may not be 100% accurate.

Just the simple act of having a bible is taken for granted here. We have Christian books and resources galore. I had never stopped to know and realise what some people are going through in other parts of the world.

Please read this book.


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    • hey! sorry i havent been very good with my blog lately too busy! Yes the one and only Grace and Alex Lam. Just learned today that they are indeed “Lams”!!!

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