My Bridal Shower

HI all. I have to start with a greeting that doesnt start with SORRY (for not updating my blog). To say gathering cobwebs is now an insufficiently satisfying description. To say “life is slowly ebbing out of this blog” seems much more appropriate!

Oh, forgive me already! I am being literally busied out with planning for our upcoming nuptials (under the eyes of God, no less). We are busy with last min preps as usual and I just developed a sore throat yesterday and a flu tomorrow. Yes thats right, the first few flares of flu are popping up.

Didnt I read somewhere that when you are stressed, your immune system starts to go down the drain too?

I am trying hard not to stress about anything but I do have that shred of OCD-ness in me, like Ee Ling says, IT MUST RUN IN THE FAMILY….hahaha….sibling wise only.

To sum up the activities of my life  during my non-existent blogging for the past week, I had a terrific (wait, thats an understatement) – FANTASTIC hens party – where I was surrounded by my caring and lovely girlfriends who all made an effort to be there and help out with the whole 2 day 1 night affair. Special mention to Lee San who came ALL THE WAY down from Singapore (again and again) to grace the event with her presence. Thank you dear!

A big thank you to my gals who wrote cards, made home made cards, brought the food etc – and to the greatest Maid Of Honour, Ms Tan, who pieced the whole thing together- managing 13 guests via email and the sorts is NOT easy, I Know. Buying the props, preparing the games, and the GIFTS – were awesome. I love everyone of them!

Let me try to do a picture summary.

I was greeted with a fabulous veil and magic fairy wand AND angel wings before I even set foot in the room. Other guests at lobby tried not to stare when I walked in with that garb. Then I was ushered to our room on the 9th floor.

I was welcomed to this!!! At the Ascott, KL.

I was welcomed to this! At the Ascott Service Apartments, KL

A closer look....

A closer look

Family portrait! Before the alco kicks in and my face turns red!!!

Family portrait! Before the alco kicks in and my face turns red!


The angels posing at the makan table


Yums! Cupcakes courtesy of Nell Bells

We decided to eat before games, so here we are posing at the table. From L-R: Laura, Pei Li, Juliet, Angeline, Joanna (hidden), Shirley, Winnie, Julia, Leesan, Nellie and Annie.


The best part! Pressie opening time!! I loved all the cards the best! So meaningful!

There was a lot of hugging and kissing during this time – so wonderfully loved and blessed I am!


The next sesh! Make over and parade! The GURU, Annie at work.


And little guru still learning


Annie working her little magic on Lee San


Artist with the little guinea pig!


Hair make over - dont run away!


Always time for some cam-whoring before the party! Yes I walked out like this!!Wings and all!! Wei Ney and I


The angels out about town - watch out! I'm so pleased everyone was colour coordinated! My gals are "dai sek!"


And that's about all the party pics I can muster enough courage to post on my blog!!!

My once in a lifetime Hens Party is definitely going down deep in the books of Sue-Ann’s memory lane. I loved each minute of it and it would not have been possible without my mates. MUCH LOVE to each and everyone of you!


4 thoughts on “My Bridal Shower

  1. aiyo! eh we fell sick at the same time lah! I got a sore throat and cold yesterday too! Walau the virus must’ve been spreading via email =p

    Niway you and your friends really take the whole hens thing to a whole new level man haha. Glad you had fun. As they say, last chance to partay as a single lady haha…

    Drink lots of water n take your vitamins! Hope you get well soon!

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