Flu + rain = sleep, finally!

OK, after yesterday’s excitement (the rain did play a part in ‘drenching’ my euphoria) but today I’m back to normal. My regular sleep patterns kicked in after 10pm but some friends came over so I dragged myself out of bed again 5 mins after snuggling in the sheets. I was abit apprehensive – insomnia was never a part of my lifestyle apart from the nights just before any maths exam. No exams scare me most. I am just NOT a numbers person.

Hope I wasnt snoring away in the car when we went with Dylan and Ai Wee to supper last night  – all the way to Klang for some Southern style “Lobak” at some shacks near Klang town. Apart from the fact I couldnt really smell or taste anything, I was nodding off and I was wearing my pajamas, I did notice it wasn’t really worth the drive to go all the way there for Lobak where the sauce wasn’t Penang style but more like Ampang Yong Tau Foo style.

Ron delivered the sorry news that it would be raining the whole of next week via weather forecasts. Oh our ROM! But like what Melissa says….God wont let me be a wanton-wrapping Bride (flu) and I also am praying it wont rain during our ROM.

I am off for me weekly dose of Bah Kut Teh. Care to join me?


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