Mrs Lim


A moment to remember - A moment held still in time - snapped by Jimmy Ong

I’m going to be rude and steal these wonderful, gorgeous, awesome pictures snapped by my dear friend and guest, the talented Jimmy Ong. Sorry, Jimmy, they are too gorgeous to not show off on my blog!!!

I am so totally elated from our ROM and Blessing Ceremony that happened yesterday in Carcosa Seri Negara that I’m having a hard time coming off my high horse. I’ll capture a quick preview of our wedding ceremony yesterday and provide better details later – just cause I havent updated my blog even ONCE this whole month!

No real words can describe how wonderful the event was – but I’ll try. The core of the success of our Registration of Marriage and Blessing Ceremony was God’s grace and all our fantastic family and friends who witnessed us become Mr and Mrs Lim (Junior).

I can say without a doubt that the whole event, which started at 9am (7am for me) went without a hitch. Man, I was one happy bride. The catalyst of change from Ms Lim to Mrs Lim only involved an additional “R” but came with a lifelong commitment to this man who is now my husband. Wow…dont think it has sunk in that much yet. I just realised I can no longer tick “Single” on forms and my tax rates will never be the same again – among other things of course.

I need to thank profusely the following people who were my special helpers during our big day: Annie, Shirley, Alicia, Stena, Vicks, cousins Danielle and Cindy, Ee Ling, Winnie, Jenny and my brother Yu Jeen. I also deeply appreciate the honour of the presence of my great mates who graced our event – My School Mates, My Deloitte Mates, My Scomi mates. Jimmy Ong took absolutely excellent pictures which went up on FB before you can even say “I do”. I also cannot further thank mates that came from afar – Alicia, Stena, Nellie and Lee San. Friends of Ron’s who are now my brothers and sisters: Vicks and Lines, Joe, Kanvin and Paulina, Justin, Benny, Alvin and JJ all flew in for our special day.

A big heartfelt appreciation to the teams from The Photoz, Wishing tree, Mosaic, Salt Design, Keith Kee, Datin Angie from Boucheron, Su from Delectable, my hair stylist David Shaw and Make Up artist Mae Liew and my Uncle-in-Law cum “Pastor” Uncle Jeffrey who did such a great job with the Blessing Ceremony.

Some of Jimmy’s masterpieces:


Our setting in the Dining Room - Carcosa Seri Negara. Flowers by Wishing Tree - Picture by Jimmy Ong


85 bottles of Bolly's were polished off by 85 guests - Pic by Jimmy Ong


I never got to see this menu card. Thanks Jimmy for this shot!!!


Our wedding ceremony booklet - Pic by Jimmy Ong


Walking down the aisle after the deed! By Jimmy Ong


A fantastic shot of one of my bridesmaids, Alicia. By Jimmy Ong


Not sure what we were laughing at, or posing for....By Jimmy Ong


The groom was supposed to be carried by all the Bridemaids but they couldnt handle it! 🙂 By Jimmy Ong


Atmosphere during lunch - before the drinks reaaaally kicked in. By Jimmy Ong

I am waiting with great anticipation for pictures taken by the Master of Capturing Moments, Zung and his team! I will be back after coming down from cloud nine. Til my next post, goodnight!!!!


5 thoughts on “Mrs Lim

  1. Sue-Ann dear, congratulations to you and Ron on your ROM. You look simply breathtaking! What a beautiful affair. Wishing you both a blessed and happy marriage :):)

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