When the dust settles (Part 1)


Just Married! Pic by Jimmy Ong

When the dust settles, what do you do? You can see clearly, you look back, you go retrospect.

Its well into my 5th day of being a Missus. I realise that nothing much has changed really, except the fact that we now wear extra rings.

I have decided to roll backwards and journal our extraordinary day, just to share the rollercoaster joy and emotions on a 8 day countdown from our Registration of Marriage and Blessing Ceremony.

Friday, 30th October 2009 (8 days to go)

Food tasting at Carcosa Seri Negara on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Had just collected my new car – did not sleep a wink the night before.

Ronnie and parent in joined in the food tasting – made mental note that Father In Law (FIL) was suitably impressed.

Sampled dishes, made various changes and tweaks to the menu. We adored the bread (baked by the Patisserie Chef – crispy crust, served hot! Met the man behind the food, Executive Chef Sandro (German with Italian name?) – he was impeccably polite and humorous.

Dropped into Keith Kee’s and picked up wedding dress. Almost forgot about veil! Keith had handstitched the veil himself to match dress. I twirled around abit – Keith made last minute hand stitching on dress. Perfect!


My silk dress and veil by Keith Kee. I'm very proud of this Malaysian Designer.

My mini flu just started getting full blown. Popped Clarinase after each meal just to breathe.

Saturday, 31st October 2009 (7 days to go)

Sent my new car for tinting and Ultra Glass Coating Neo. Yu Jeen and Annie picked me up and we went for a foot massage in SS2. Ron comes along at 7pm and we head to Munakata in KL for dinner.

We went home and reviewed the guest list for the wedding.

Sunday, 1st November (6 days to go)

AM: Went to Church.

Beautician rang – a facial spot just suddenly opened up. Would I want to come for a facial? Hell yeah! I was appointed to go a week before but couldn’t make it. Had given up hope for a weekend slot, which is always, always, booked out. God is kind!

There were 3 gigantic swollen-looking pimples jutting out proudly on my forehead – two of which was hidden by my fringe so I was still OK. My pimples only choose the right moments to appear, wedding day being one of them! I lamented to the beautician for 1 hour before falling asleep during facial massage..

PM: Drafted the contents of the wedding and blessing ceremony booklet. Either God easily gave me words to write or I was inspired at that moment. Contents were completed in 1 hour and sent over to my trust and creative card designer, Elaine (Salt Design). No double checking of contents were done.

Monday, 2nd November (5 days to go)

2pm – I met Wilson Jong (our talented pianist and keyboardist from Mosaic) at Akarkarya in Damansara Uptown for band practice. One singer + one keyboardist constituted the band at that point. Note: singing with half blocked nostrils is not easy! Wilson asked me to record the session on by BB. Cringed listening to my own voice on record.


This is me singing on the event day. I sang God of My Forever. The practice was helpful! Pic by Ee Ling.

Practiced my performance song and briefly ran through the praise and worship songs on behalf of my worship leader.4pm – Ron checks into Le` Meridien and parties with the boys (local friends) that night while I sleep peacefully at home. He chucks 6 times that night and it seemed the heaviest night out for him in a long while. On my end, a new zit starts to grow at a place I can’t hide!

6pm – I sent our blown up pre-wedding photograph for framing.

Tuesday, 3rd November (4 days to go)
Lionel, Victoria from Melbourne and Alvin from KK arrived in KL, checks into Le Meridien. By today all Ron’s overseas mates had arrived, including JJ (Vietnam) and Mike Min (Perth). Boys have a pre-planned all-out bucks night. Victoria and I teeter off to Redbox in Pavillion and sing our hearts out with the company of a bottle of MUMMs bubbly.
Bumped into the boys at the hotel lobby at 2.30am and they look properly smashed. I am ready to check into Le Meridien.

I rubbed on pimple cream generously all day.

Wednesday, 4th November (3 days to go)
Delectable called to confirm logistics for our wedding cake. On the actual day, Su delivers the cake herself! At 830am as promised.


Our cake! Created by Su from Delectable (Gardens). The theme was marine works and cable laying. The bride wraps a cable round the groom. The cupcakes came in various designs, as wedding favours for the guests.

8am: we had nice and heavy dinner at Jyu Raku in Subang. A bottle of McCallan was polished off by 9 of us before the food arrived. We finished off two 1.8 litre bottles (or was it 3??) of sake and while the girls headed to Bangsar for a body massage at 11pm, the boys head off for another party at Vivo.


Dinner at Jyu Raku - Pic from JJ Chai

The girls ambushed them at 1am, played pool, sang karaoke and danced on top of couches. Pictures not allowed, unfortunately!!!!!

Last 3 days journal to be continued…..


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