When the dust settles (Part II)

Thursday, 5th November (2 days to go)

I scheduled an emergency facial. Zit was swollen and pimple cream was not helping. Starting to think my hormones went crazy and this was the worst complexion I’ve had all year. And I only had 1 more day to crush that zit!

Our group headed to WIP in BSC for after dinner drinks and hung out over pizza and other tapas. We stayed til the waiters turned off all the lights and strongly hinted for our departure. Well, afterall, it is a school nite!

Friday, 6th November (1 day to go)

Woke up to heavy rain. I was sure it wouldn’t rain on Saturday morning as it rained only each afternoon. What disappointment!

Arranged meals for our photography team for Saturday’s event with Carcosa’s representative. Spent 30 minutes on the phone briefing her about the event itinerary for tomorrow and lamenting about the rain. She advised us to move the lawn ceremony indoors, I caved in and agreed, cancelling the 3 mist fans and 1 industrial fan planned for outdoors.

Ronnie insisted we take the risk and only decide at 7am on event day if we should move the ceremony indoors. I put 2 industrial fans on standby.

Went into panic mode and realised I had not done my nails, got my shoes or completed place cards. Finalised guest list and sent off the list to our card designer to print guest place cards. Very pretty place cards by the way:


Placecards in matching themes.....conjured by our card designer, Elaine

Had lunch at Jarrod and Rawlins in Hartamas, following which, Ronnie had his haircut. I proceeded to BV2 with Victoria and Joe to do my nails at 3pm. Met Stena at Telawi Street Bistro at 6pm after doing nails.

Ronnie leaves for home to bring our wedding gear, shoes, accessories and rings (only he forgot the rings!). We phoned MIL to bring them the next morning. PHEW! On the way home, Ronnie collects our pre-wedding photo frame from the shop.


Me mate Nells posing with our pic which we only framed and collected like 1 day before. Pic by Jimmy Ong and framed pic by Zung.

At 730pm, my girlfriends and brother met at Shirley (maid of honour)’s house to practice for the praise and worship session for our blessing ceremony.


Me and my 'choir' gals. Thanks girls muax!

Elaine came to our hotel at 945pm to deliver placecards, ceremony booklets, floor plan and guest book for the next day. We will terribly impressed by her professionalism and creativity!

We realised our suit and wedding dress was badly wrinkled. Called hotel housekeeping in another panic attack and sent them off insisting on a 1 hour express job. I worried that they would mis-handle my dress for the first 5 minutes. After that, I had other things to worry about. Like my huge, disgusting zit.

10pm – My girlfriends and brother met me at Iketeru (KL Hilton) for a late dinner after choir practice. Alicia brings over Clarin’s miracle pimple solution and I rub that on my affected area every 5 minutes during dinner.

I distributed the bridesmaids dresses for the next morning. We prayed to God fervently for clear skies the following day and went to bed at 1am.

THE Saturday, 7th November, 2009

I woke up at 530am and we were ready to go to Carcosa Seri Negara by 645am. Minor panic ensued when Ronnie realised we don’t know the way there from Le Meridien. Got directions from Bell Boys and arrived at Carcosa at approx. 7.10am.

Make up artist Mae Liew and hair maestro David Shaw was waiting on the steps as we pulled up. They got to work quickly. The Wishing tree team were already moving about with flower arrangements.

By 8am, the lawn had been set up, the choir was practicing with the keyboardist at 8.30am and the sun was as bright and sunny as can be. Now everyone tells me the lawn is too hot and we didn’t have enough fans!

830am – We realised that we forgot to bring the ring cushion and flower girl basket from home. We sent the driver home to Shah Alam to collect these and God allowed them to come back on time – 1 hour later! PHEW – close call.

At 9am my hair and make up are done and we cam-whore around the room for abit. Our photographers from The Photoz and videographer camped in our room. I took a peep down stairs and see everyone milling about. Heart fluttered nervously.

At 9.40am, its only my Dad and I in the room waiting for The Walk down the aisle. From the windows I could see everyone being seated and umbrellas we provided maximised to full use. My brother rocked up and told us to start walking to the Canon in D tune. I saw Ronnie and his grooms men waiting at the front.


The boys looking smart (as smart as can be under 30 degree heat)


Dad and I waiting to do the "walk". Hair assistant Michelle helping with my veil. WAS. VERY. NERVOUS. at this point. Pic from cousin Danielle.


The scene on the lawn. Pic by Jimmy Ong


A lifetime of fulfilment. Pic by Stena.

The experience of a lifetime just happened, surrounded by friends and family.

The rest is history.


4 thoughts on “When the dust settles (Part II)

  1. whoa – it was so exciting, it felt like I read both Part I & II in one breath!! hahaha …

    first things, CONGRATULATIONS 😀 and you really looked every bit the gorgeous bride (minus zit and all) and everything looks lovely!! I love your dress 🙂 well, here’s wishing you all the best in your journey as Mrs Lim *huggles*

    God bless …

      • I’m good, moving on … when you don’t think about it, nothing hurts. When you do, it hurts real bad. So my life is kind of like an emotional roller coaster right now 🙂

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