A post-dated birthday treat!


There is always too much time on your hands (with nothing to do) or too little time and too many things to do.

Hence the opening statement to my (again) short hiatus from blogging. Weekends are now precious commodity as plans for the busy year end period are being put into my calendar bit by bit and anyways my readers are always out and about on weekends anyways, right!? 🙂

I was treated to a luxurious AND pampering princess experience at the Sompoton Spa in Nikko Hotel, KL today, by my maid of honour, Shirley, as a post birthday treat. Sompoton Spas are also at Istana Hotel, Lanson Place Residences and Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre, but the one in Nikko hotel is apparently part of their Luxury Collection so I assume its more decked out with the facilities and in terms of ambience.


Ref: Pic at the bottom. Sompoton Spa, Hotel Nikko*

I didnt have my camera with me so no pics, sorry! But i think its fair to say that those pics would  be a tad inappropriate (not especially for someone with  popiah-thin skin like yours truly). After some (rather regular) green tea, we finally settled down for our foot wash, body scrub, jacuzzi warm soak and full body massage after some derision on how we should strip in front of each other to change into disposable underwear. Suffice to say, I was the SHY one.

The jacuzzi soak was pretty much the highlight of the session. We settled into the warm bubble-filled water (say chest high) after our body scrub and we were basking in the loveliness of it all until we realised that the bubbles soon turned into foam which churned higher and higher (due to the jacuzzi jets) until we could not even see each other! The spa attendant came in and got a shock 20 mins later! (“But I only put in 1 teaspoon!” I heard her say to her colleague in distress)

Overall, the service was warm – but quite expectant of a 5 star hotel in KL. Prices were exorbitant, we realised. Shirley had gotten a good deal from a bridal fair 2 months ago, so we were covered. Then again, the non-package prices were at par with other 5 star hotels in the Asean region.

We were rather impressed with the decor (water fountains in every other corner) and the lovely aroma of lemongrass. The massage itself was nothing to shout about (and she didn’t get my sore-back points like my regular cheapo masseuse does!). The whole area was very spacious and nicely decked out.

We finished and were served more green tea (I was expecting ginger tea) and was requested to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

We were given a choice of (Good) (Fair) (Poor).

1. Service: (fair)

2.Cant remember this item, but I had ticked (Good)

3. Handiwork (fair)

My masseuse had good strength and was firm and quite professional, but lacked the warmth and friendliness (and a smile) I expected. Overall, I probably would not return to this particular spa just because (and not in order of priority):

1. I am not a foreigner living in Nikko hotel, in which case, if I were, I may go there for convenience’s sake

2. I was not highly impressed by the massage itself, which concentrated too heavily on the back of my legs and did not cover my head or face. Considering it to be a 90 minute full body massage, a masseuse should be able to time the body parts/areas evenly.

3. She only spent about 1 minute on my tummy area.

4. It is rather pricey – a proper Chinese or Thai massage would suffice for a working gal like me.

But if you have heaps of time and cash to spare (or get a good deal at a bridal fair somewhere) its worth 1 visit. After all, service standards by various masseuses there may differ.






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