Life is beautiful

I had the opportunity to stand on the top floor of a building today and look at the our nation, our world and the beauty that God has shown us in nature.

I’m not one that really appreciates forest trekking, swapping at flying insects, getting leeched, rock climbing etc, and my legs go wobbly when perched anywhere higher than 3 stories. (Notice how the escalators at Cineleisure give yoou that effect?)

But I had asked the question, that all-too-familiar question which is routinely on on my blog: what do we live for? Being a city gal and one afraid of mozzies and flying creatures, nature was not something that readily came to mind. But I have started appreciating nature (from afar, or from the comfort of my TV couch, mind you) as a sample of what God is ever capable of.

I wonder how beautiful heaven will be. However, I also have to worry about how am I going to get there. I got the first part down i.e. accepted Christ. But henceforth starts the real battle. To talk about the trials and temptations in life will really get me going (on another post, OK?)

I have read at least 10 books on heaven/hell and currently slogging through the last one. One of the books say “You have to prepare for your final destination. If someone plans his Christmas holidays to say, Europe or Disneyland at least 2-3 months in advance, write their itineraries, do their research, book their accommodations, apportion their budgets, get bikinis/winter clothes etc. How much more should you be preparing for your eternal destination?”

We had a good discussion in Cell Group a few weeks ago, where Alex has told us to write our own eulogies of how we would like our loved ones to say about us at our own funeral – mine had alot to do with the good sh*t, such as being a good wife, daughter, mother, granny etc – a person of high moral standing and integrity, a God loving person and a whole lot of principled stuff.

It was an eye-opening exercise. Most of us dont even ever think of death. “CHOIIIII!!!” and for my Melayu friends “PANTANGGGG!”

But then again, everyone dies at some point in their life. Its life’s journey you take that makes your life count. May I ask you – How are you making your life count today? And if you are, are you doing it for the right reasons and in a manner favoured by God?

I am just like everyone else. I’m busy chasing my dreams – and when I have time on a weeknight, my prayer is longer than 10 minutes, I pray in tongues for 30 seconds (yep got that covered) and then continue where I left off last week in the chapter of Luke in the Bible. Is it just me or does the story in Luke repeat that of Matthew and Mark?

I thread on. The ways of the world is a daily trial in itself. A constant reminder is required to pull me back the ‘narrow way’ – Vern does this for me.

I pray everyday that God continues to so wonderfully bless my family and me. The more I see in life, the more I realise we are truly blessed. Now life is so much more beautiful because I realise everyday I have a chance to make good of my life – on my way to see God and Vernie.

Something I’d like to share about what I have read about Heaven. In Heaven, its not all about just praise and worship all day long. In Heaven, you will still continue learning, experiencing, relationships – and apparently your senses are heightened. In hell, now thats a different story. I should probably talk about that in a different post.

For today, start off by thanking God for your blessings and the beauty that surrounds you.






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