Congrats Angeline and Loong! (Updated)

Our dear mates Angeline and Loong tied the knot last Saturday…OOh…just mere weeks after our own ROM event, bringing back the memories when I had become a Mrs (legally, at least).

Its always lovely being involved in the thrilling, maddening, yet wonderful and exciting experience of the bridal party. Angeline and Loong’s affair was just as ‘gan cheong” (nail biting) from the preps the night before to the early morning buzzing of the alarm in my ear and the oh-my-face-is-puffy in the morning and the familiar rustle of wearing the bridesmaids’ dress.

Us preparing the games the night before. We were so diligently self-entertaining.

And again, the self-entertainment continues....the scarves were part of our bid to make the boys look like girls in our lame attempts to publicly humiliate them.Laura and Joanna (as if you couldn't recognise them!)

Morning of 21st november, the BIG DAY for Angeline and Loong

I whizzed into Angeline’s condo grounds at 9.05am. The last word of caution from Jesse from last night was ringing in my ears (“DONT PASS THE 9am MARK!”) Caught the lift and headed up (late!) to meet the other girls, heart palpitating.

I made it on time to have some curry mee hoon and some box drinks. The bride was looking stunning in her traditional red and glittering “khua”. 2009. Pics from Jess.All pics henceforth from Jess as I didnt have my camera with me.

Bridesmaids and the Bride - Nov 21st, 2009. From L-R: Laura, Jess, Joanna, Huey Huey, Me, Juliet and Bride

Arrival of the Groom and his best men getting ready to 'go down'!!!!

The taunting never stopped. The boys were rather 'lukewarm' at the start. The softest bunch of 'hing tai's Ive seen. Such GENTLE-men. When does a beleaguered groom ever remind the heinous jee mui's to collect angpaus from him!???

Yeaaaa they were rather sporting. They were supposed to dress up as Indian slash Arabian snake charmers but turned out to be bollywood stars gone wrong.

Just after the registration of Angeline and Loong, I now give to you...."Mrs How".

Night portion updated (24/11/09)

The beautiful bride and handsome groom (who didnt appear to have any shitty shitty bang bang* side effects from the pungent wasabi drink this morning) were very calm and collected before dinner. I practiced abit of my performance songs with my partner, Adam (who was also the emcee) and solo with the band.

Needless to say, my nerves were on end (not so much due to the performance in front of 300 people and the odd table screaming “Yum Seng!!!” halfway through my performance, but rather due to the zit on my face).

*Denotes phrase by my bro, Jeen

Adam and I singing out duet. The lovely guy was very accomodating with the 'keys'. MUAX Adam

Yes, we both sheepishly admitted that holding the lyrics during the performance was less than desirable, but better that than to forget the words, which I did anyways! Joanna came up and gave me a rose at that exact moment (see pic)!

Husband and wife cake cuttting. This is probably the first domestic thing they do as husband and wife before the real chores set in!

The after party






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