My obsession with mushroom burgers

Yesterday, I DID manage to surf the sales wave and hit One Utama like a bee going for honey. I arrived at One U pretty early (just as some shops were opening – very sluggishly, I might add). I bought what I needed to buy and ended up sitting in Burger King on the first floor (near Converse) facing passerbys.

I noted with moderate interest that the Burger King Mushroom Swiss SINGLE was back. Can’t they make up their minds? First they had it, then they removed it from their menu, now its back again. Such a confusion to patrons! Anyway, confused or not, it was a pleasant surprise so I had that (with extra mushrooms of course). I issued a strict warning to the cashier girl – “Make sure your extra mushrooms are really EXTRA mushrooms, or I’ll open up the burger to check!”

She looks at me as if I was part of her daily quota of weirdos and I added (almost to myself but out loud)  “No, I forgot, I always open to check it, dont worry”

The first time (years ago) I first tasted my first ever BK Mushroom Swiss Single, I had thought it exquisite! (you know my passion for fast food!) and I thought heck, there are only probably 7 small pieces of pathetic mushrooms in there. So the next time I headed to BK, I ordered Extra Mushrooms, and was charged an extra RM1.00 but when I ate the burger, I realised, they had only added about 3 miserable pieces of EXTRA mushroom! OOOHH THE NERVE!

So from then on, I always opened the burger wrapped at the cashier to check if they really put in EXTRA mushrooms. But it was a while since I had BK (since they last abolished the Mushroom Swiss SINGLE). The Mushroom Swiss DOUBLE (double layered beef patties) does not taste the same. Too much beef for one little burger (even with the extra mushrooms, the taste is not proportionate).

This was all I could find on Google Images - The Mushroom Swiss Double burger and not a single (this picture is definitely an Over-Promise)

Burger and all, for the first time in many moons, I actually had the change to people-watch.So in between my fries and burger chomping, I noticed that most of the shoppers were young adults (couples) or teenagers. There was the old smattering of women with babies and older folk. There were also groups of young kids who wore football or basketball jersies (boys) and the occasional groups of 3 BFFs (girls) giggling with one another.

All the young teenagers reminded me of Vern. I imagined him walking and talking there among the rest. I passed the Christmas Decorations and realised this is the first Christmas without Vern and I passed the Converse shop and remembered his high tops. Tears again came to my eyes but I have been emotional lately. I fiercely told my tears to go away! Vern is in heaven now enjoying much more than ‘Saturdays in One Utama and converse sneakers’. I dont need the ol’ devil making me sad again – I have Jesus in my life now.

Vernie Poo's Birthday Cake this year at his 17th Birthday Memorial on Oct 14th

Yes Vernie Poo, we love you! Miss you.



5 thoughts on “My obsession with mushroom burgers

  1. Hi SueAnn, I stumbled across your blog recently (which I don’t remember how now lol but I think it’s through Zung The Photoz) but anyway just want to say I like your writing a lot. Very genuine and always filled with optimism. Hey congrats on your wedding ( I know it’s a bit belated) and keep up the good work! 🙂 I’m only just a seasonal blogger myself hehe but anyway, I’ll definitely come back to check yours! 🙂

    • Hi Einna or Steph? Thank you so much for the motivational comment. Its rare enough for me to get comments but to get really warm ones makes my day! Yes, what I blog is what you get! I’ve been zoned out lately but thanks you and my other mates leaving comments..the fire rages on!

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