The Port Dickson tryst

Good evening ladies and gentlemen….I finally found a sliver of energy with which to write something non-committal on my blog (tee hee). I am suffering from a bout of the “D” word – awful diarrhea – after our company trip in PD over the weekend. I hope your chops were held at bay with my meagre twitting over the past 2 days.  Anyway, the blog police will phone me after 2 days of non-movement on my blog i.e. my Dad, just to check if I am still breathing (normally, anyways).

Ok, that done (my usual apologetic first paragraph about the lack of posts) – I can launch into something abit more meaningful (wake up, brain!).

I got a motivational text message from my cell leader(‘s husband) Alex over the weekend and it was rejuvenating to know I am still touching other with my blog and stories about Vern. Things like these (and of course my blog stats) keep me going, as difficult as it is finding time just to sit on the potty!

Since its going this way, I might as well blog about our weekend escapade – burrrp! (Just finished dinner and it’s still up to HERE – so let me keep it less wordy and more picturesque)

Avillion Admiral Cove, PD - Poolside

The lobby - clean, simple, relatively new.

My pot pot already making like a beach. 5 mins upon arrival - eyes roll.

Our troop - dressed in the Hawaiian Theme, kids included. Dinner was a barbie outside - mozzie spray was generous.

The smug winners from the afternoon's treasure hunt cum amazing race organised by the hotel. No pics of the 'hunt' cos I was busy hunting. Ours is truly a competitive bunch. My team came last - but I can explain!!!!

And guess what the poor losers had to do....? A hula dance. I am second from left, unfortunately, and this was my team! I still give ourselves A for effort!

At least one of the best dressers for the night (grand prize winner in fact) was from my team! Man with coconuts!

The next game was 'dress me up'. From L-R: Ms Statue of Liberty, Ms Universe, Lady Gaga and the Iron Chef.

OK i have to stop here to story about this- each team was given 15 minutes to dress up a team member. My team did Lady Gaga, but the other people (who I’m dead sure were jealous by our ingenuity) claimed our “Lady Gaga” just got into the hospital with head injuries!!! Needless to say, we didnt win but the Statue of Liberty grabbed the prize. Iron chef was close behind, I’m sure, but Ms Universe was scratching her bum and her newspaper skirt fell off.

Ms Universe in a before pic, with her skirt still intact but dangling precariously. We thought her "boots" looked sordid! ms Universe wouldnt be caught dead in those shoes, but maybe Lady Gaga would....

Ron and I by the beach the next morning. He was captain of the Yellow team (dirty fellow) and I was Captain of the Green team. Luckily we both agreed it was fine to ‘sleep with the enemy’.

a batch of our colleagues pushing off for the 15 min banana boat ride. Ooh my first time, what a thrill!

Thats me fourth from left, getting abit nervous on my first B-Boat ride.

Maybe too tiny to me me out. Im there alright, falling into the water. This is where the driver of the speedboat does an abrupt turn and the b-boat riders get flung into water. Ouch! We are a mass of arms and legs as we whacked onto each other unashamedly.

Ok a short post became a long post. Time to continue my Chronicles of Narnia. See ya all tomorrow.


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