Tis the season to be giving

As giving as I want to be, nothing is facilitated by a shitty internet connection. Why is everything so slow today? My page wasnt loading for ages! (we spoiled brats think that 5 seconds extra is ages, by the way…)

How is everyone on this beautiful-eve-of-a-long-weekend day? Wonderfully exciting to have 2 long weekends in a row, I’ll drink to that (Clink!)!

Since we are all in jingle bells mood, I shall take this opportunity to talk about a certain orphanage called Agathians Shelter.


AGATHIANS SHELTER is an orphanage for boys that was founded in 2003 by a team of young adults. It was set up to save a group of children from being turned out to the street and to provide a home for them .

The children are from various backgrounds; some are orphaned, some only have a single parent who canโ€™t afford to feed them and others are either abandoned or neglected. The word Agathians originated from a Latin Greek word which means Spark or Beginning. It is not a religious-based centre.


There are currently 33 orphans living there who are aged between 3 – 17 years old. Only 3 of them do not go to school because they don’t have birth certificates and therefore cannot be registered. However, the 6 volunteers and 3 staff at the orphanage home-school these kids as much as they can.

Here are some details of the Orphanage, who welcomes visitors.

Kids at the Agathian Shelter - pic from their website

No. 22, Jalan Kelah 8/6,
Seksyen 8,Petaling Jaya,
46050, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7954 1680
H/P: 012-296 8014
Fax: 03-7954 4680

Quote from website: Please show some mercy towards these children by donating – cash or in kind to the Home. Your donations surely will width open the paths for these children’s future. Your contribution will be issued tax exempted receipts.

Donation Mode
Monetary Aid Non-Monetary Support
* Cash * Groceries
* Cheque/ Bank Draft / TT * Household items, Kitchen utensils
* Bank-in:
Maybank Account (1141 6096 5371)
* Office equipments

All Cheque/Bank Draft/TT must be made payable to “AGATHIANS SHELTER

Upon your generous donation, Please notify us at agathians_siva@yahoo.com or call us at 03-7954 1680 in order to facilate the issuance of receipt.

So everyone, in the spirit of giving this Christmas, whether monetary, or just your presence to show what love and care means to these children, do pay them a visit (a trip can be organised!) or do send them pressies or donations. More information is available on their website www.agathians.org.

A video was done on them by a gentlemen called William Kok, to see the video on youtube click HERE

I am more than happy to organise a collection of small donations to the Shelter and perhaps getting them a musical instrument, say, classical guitar. If anyone is interested to share, I will give you my banking details and we will work it from there.

Fralalala la la la la.

“It is a joy to be able to give” – Quote by me.


5 thoughts on “Tis the season to be giving

  1. lucky you people who work in Selangor can enjoy a long weekend ahead! why must they split Wilayah and Selangor and have different holidays I wonder? boohooo lol

    Thanks for the information, SuAnn. A friend of mine who is heavily involved in a rotary club has been asking me for orphanages’ contacts and I think this is very useful. Will pass him the info. Enjoy your long good weekend!

    • Hello Steph-yeah but I’m sure the KL ppl will be working only on ‘half-steam’ knowing their selangor counterparts are getting their panties in a bunch and hitting shopping malls! haha….
      Great news…do pass the contact to your friend…i’m still just figuring out what to do as well…anyway happy weekend to you IN advance! haha…

  2. hey Sue, how did you come across this orphanage? I’ll love to share in spreading the joy this Christmas ๐Ÿ˜€ Donations won’t be much though but are you organising a visit there? Ummms – I can bake some goodies for you to bring over whenever you do. Let me know …

  3. hi Mel…one of my high school alumni on FB reminded me about this outing to this shelter which was organised by the High school alumni so I read about it. I most definitely like to visit and at the same time bring some christmas goodies. I would just like to get everyone who is interested to come along and also bring stuff. you like to bake? im sure they would appreciate the cookies..>!

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