Burn, food, BURN!

Yet another lazy Sunday.

I am not lazy enough as to NOT blog though…I’ve just treated myself to sinful sunday Bah Kut Teh in Klang and now am bearing the brunt of acute stomach FULLNESS. You know the kind that makes you want to continue burping and the kind that leaves you wishing your digestive system would work a whole lot faster, and makes you suspect that your breathing doesnt seem to feel as efficient as always?

To make matters worse, the clouds hover in the skies outside my window and there is threat of rain. Alongside the battle in my stomach now I also have to conquer my terrible lethargy. Which drives me to my Blog. Ah my source of spewing comfort, the place where I can vent, get things off my chest (which sometimes swells with pride at the polls) and sometimes the source of my bad nerves “What should I say here today!???”

On most days I start off the first line with something I think I can build up on, and the rest flows easily. Like I said before, I very rarely re-read or edit anything I type, so please excuse my arrogant laziness.

Ok 4 paras down and I have not written anything of significance. I’m blaming it on the amount of pork oil that I have consumed for lunch, not my lack of wit and intelligence, today.

Ok, something of an achievement: I managed to convince my other half to accompany me to Church today for the first time in history. Battle won! (even though I had to make a deal with him that if he went to church I would leave him alone all night to play his PC games).

However, we ended up having a light debate after church about too many things to mention – mostly all about Christians and churches. My other half has a high preference over cathedral-like churches and I daresay that Charismatic churches ‘frighten’ him with their style. My other half is also a critic and questioner. He asked me, why do people while praying, need to stretch their palms upward and outward? I thought I knew the answer, as simple as the question was but I must admit I’m not as learned as I wish to be, so I said….lets ask Senior Pastor Daniel after church, k? Which of course, we didn’t.

There are alot of little things which most of us church-going charismatic Christians would do. Tithing is automatic and reasons for which are understood, closing eyes, bowing heads during prayer, the short moment of praying in tongues before prayers, the worship mood, lifting hands, nodding emphatically to what the preacher is saying during sermon, altar call, cell group, etc….which may seem so so foreign to a non-christian. How does a new, non-believer make that transition? I grew up going to church since I was 8 years old. I am familiar with church going processes, although I had missed Church for about a decade through my twenties. Now that I’m back in church, I am comfortable with the whole worship, praise, prayer, bible reading, basically – Christian lifestyle. But what about the non-believer? The first timer?

Which leads me to thoroughly believe that God’s hand in the life of a pre-believer/non-believer is the single most important thing that would lead someone to church and the Christian faith. I can make all the deals in the world to bring my other half to church, but if he does not personally experience God, he’d could be sleeping through sermons and fidgeting through worship all his life.

I will still continue to pray for my other half, because I KNOW for a fact that prayer is a wonderful and powerful privilege.

A short post became a long one.

The food in my stomach will not take kindly to a lie down at the moment and my eyes are fighting a losing battle to close – even my rate of my eye-blinks even seem to be slowing down a notch with every blink.

I found a solution. I will lean back on my high backed study chair, sink into the leather, clasp my hands over my tummy and closeeee my eyes. Hence, the end of my post today.

Til my next spurt of inspiration. XX


2 thoughts on “Burn, food, BURN!

  1. I got an answer for the outward upward palm thing!! Haha – it was a question that I asked my Sunday School teacher when I was younger. She said, when we pray, we offering to God our prayers – be it a request, a complaint, anything. When we offer things, it’s a natural position for our palm to be outward (as in giving) and it goes upward because God is above us 🙂 simple to a 10-year-old!

    I must say I’ve been going to church all 28 years of my life, as a Catholic – so I guess I belong to the more “Cathedral-like” churches. I do find myself a tad uncomfortable with the worship sessions and sermons of the Charismatic Christians and yes, “frightened” but not in a bad way. I think it’s a bit too overwhelming for me and the energy is too much for me to take. Haha – I’m old 😛 I prefer the solitude of the solemn masses, the priest rituals and the comfort in the silence and solidarity of the ‘boring’ hymms …

    Either way, for pre-believers/non-believers, as long as people believe in God, it’s a start 😀 it doesn’t matter what religion ’cause there’s only one God! I just wish people don’t complicate things and draw borders …

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