Bump in the night

I cant sleep tonight because everytime i turn off the lights (in total darkness) something or some part of the furniture in the room creaks. Why doesnt it creak when I have the lights on?

The only explanation I may have, lame as it sounds, is probably because when the lights are on, I’m doing something – and I dont notice little things that go bump in the night. Or, do the current from the electricity used for the lights drone out the creaking sounds?

My eyes are sleepy but I woke up to investigate those sounds once and for all. 3, 4, 5 times in a row had me out of bed and finally caving in and turning on one bloody light. All this because my other half is not around and I’m left to fend for myself from all these midnight sounds.

So i ended up in front of my PC – delay tactic, I call it- can you put off sleep? Sleep eludes me when I really want it. Also, my feeling of bloatedness does not help! And is probably the cause of nightmares. If my other half were here, he would have been ‘torn’ or ‘peeled’ away from his night time PC games and come to my aide. He would (albeit irritably) have to pat me back to sleep.

Thank goodness for Perez Hilton – for now!


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