Merry Christmas


I have been ‘away’ for 7 days without blogging – only today my “ADD NEW POST” page loaded. Internet connection at home was less than satisfactory.

Thank you my small but faithful group of readers – for coming back to check on my blog, for keeping my motivation alive, although many times my urge to blog comes to a small, painful and slow ebb.

Today is Christmas! The magnificent Jaclyn Victor performed 3 songs in church today, so beautifully. Watching her perform definitely made my day. Her singing and reaching of the high notes were so effortless, a real pro and her elaborate sari was a nice touch. She sang “O Holy Night”, “You raise me up” and “I surrender All”. Sighhh…..mesmerising.

It our first Christmas without Vern. Tears are again threatening to fall easily – balancing past the brim of your eyes. Its true what they say in grief books. After a while, after a so-called period of mourning, you find it slightly more embarrassing to cry (in public).

Vernie - not a new pic, I'm afraid.

Well Vern…you aren’t with us this Christmas and not for many more Christmases on Earth I suppose, but I’m sure there are major celebrations in Heaven. As time passes, it doesnt get easier you know? I hope my crusty and sometimes- unreliable memory of you doesn’t fade.

Missing you today more, Vernie. How many more years to wait before we see you again? Let God decide ok? In the meantime, enjoy yourself….




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