Dry cracker, no bang

I’d like to say I’m BACK with a bang! But alas, I am but a teeny whimper on a irrelevant night.

Again my thousand and one excuses for non-blogging.

My stomach indigestion is a real PAIN. To say that the mood of my stomach precludes the mood of my day is not an exaggeration. The moment I open my eyes in the morning my bodily function i.e. BRAIN checks for the current condition of the tummy. No sensation means great! Now, no moving about incase the indigestion comes back – thats the challenge.

Thus, the scale of my mood (swings) are rated POOR to HORRIBLE and at my best I’m described as passably, decently pleasant. The warm holiday season – Christmas and New Years are coming (and going) without much ado – just another blurry day in passing. Oh, how different the world seems when someone isn’t ill. My other half is planning New Year’s Eve celebrations with romantic vigor, even if it is just the 4 of us and I cannot in my greatest efforts, summon even an ounce of celebratory hurray.

Hence, my lack of blogging as you can see – my words are just about as dry and cracked as the Jacob’s Cream Crackers I consume daily.

My blog has always echoed my moods and sentiments, as you would have read from all my posts. The fact that our wedding reception is forthcoming does nothing but aggravate my mental (and then physical) exhaustion. I feel as if my world has come to a standstill and I can’t bear the slightest incompetence, or ratty B-grade DVD. (Do not watch “I Hate Valentine’s Day” by the way)

My counterparts are raving about parties, movies, drinks, drinks and more drinks and my mind can only get so far as the next meal I am going to have, with or without a cream cracker, dear?

My other half is happily on his PC games again and I lament he hasnt been spending enough time with me. But then he comes and I am restless, fidget and feel ill – then I start to get the chills.

Sigh, til my next terrible post!

Hang in there….


3 thoughts on “Dry cracker, no bang

  1. Hi Sue-Ann, I hope you will feel better and have a speedy recovery. Just wanted to let you know that no matter how dry and cracked your words are you still have a faithful reader. =)

  2. Hi Tina and Julie…thanks for the lovely and motivating comments. I am praying fervently to get past this!! Have a great NEW YEAR!! Big hugs!

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