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Unimaginable pain and loss. Our hearts go out to the Ong family who will now have to deal with lifelong pain and memories of this tragedy. I cannot imagine for one second being burnt alive – what a terrible way to die. I hope and pray that during those burning moments, God had already taken the family to heaven to be in peace.

And for the surviving family and relatives, the bodies of the victims were probably charred beyond recognition. The sight of which would probably be ingrained in their memories forever. The flashes of the incident will probably appear in their heads every moment before they go to sleep and every waking moment, until the grieving period stops. I’m sure members of the Calvary Church  are praying hard too. The mother and youngest son I’m sure are in a state of shock.

This is one family for which prayers will really be needed. Do take a moment out of your day to say a few words for them.

Dad and sons burnt to death in horror crash

MALAYSIA – A church worker and his two young sons were burnt to death after their van crashed into another vehicle and caught fire near Parit Bunga, in Muar, Johor late Saturday.

Another son who suffered serious burns all over his body, died hours later at the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital.

Ong Duu Siong, 46 and sons Zhen Suai, seven, and Zhen Zhee, four, who were trapped in the burning vehicle, died on the spot. Zhen Jie, three, died several hours later in the hospital.

Tan was sitting in the front passenger’s seat with Zhen Li in her arms when the accident occurred, was reportedly screaming and shouting for her husband and sons before help arrived.

She held on to the baby and even at the hospital refused to let go off him.

Relatives said the victims’ bodies would be cremated in their hometown of Malacca on Wednesday.

A family friend said Ong had given up his job as a salesman earning over RM10,000 (S$4,107) a month to be a church worker with a salary of about RM2,000.

“He was very helpful and friendly. He just wanted to help the needy and concentrated in his missionary work,” he said.

Ong’s father said Ong and his family were supposed to return home on Chinese New Year.

“We had planned to take a family photo with everyone during the festival but it is impossible now,” he said.


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