I dont know what to blog about today.

Usually, I have some inkling of what to jabber about but today the well is dry, folks. The holiday season is bleeding my otherwise-occupied brain dry of any substance whatsoever. My days are filled with reading and lately this has been fiction.

I picked up Audrey Niffenegger’s “The time traveller’s wife” on a whim days ago just cause I was in a hurry, some people had raved about it, I had nothing else to go on and my books were running dry.

I thought it was a pretty good book (abit slow in some parts, unnecessarily so) although the general idea of a man with a unbelievable time travel gene had to put up with being painfully pushed about the years of his life, was a good one. Plus, I kinda like it when they stick the “NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE” on the front.

Then I finished that and yesterday in another hurry, picked up Audrey Niffenegger’s new release “HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY”…so far am 1/3rd through and feeling as though her ” Time Traveller’s Wife” was a one hit wonder.

My other half bought a RM32.90 boating magazine so he could drool and fantasise over owning a catamaran and what he would name it. While he oohs and aahs over that, I’m in my own little fictional dream world.

Its New year’s eve tomorrow….we are on the cusp of a new year people! Now its time for those dreadful new year resolutions….what are yours?


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