Yup. Its officially 2010. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

2010 is a nice a round number. 10 years have slipped by since the rave party at Subang Airport for the year 2000 countdown. Where did the 10 years go?

Let’s see:

1.Went to Uni

2. I got my degree

3. Landed into the land of the Big 4

4. I got my professional qualification

5. Worked overseas (and enjoyed it thoroughly)

6. Travelled to 28 cities in 12 countries.

7. Made some lifelong friends overseas

8. Met my lifelong partner and become a wife

9. We temporarily lost precious Vern

10. Celebrated life

I’m not the kind to consistently keep a journal or my life or what you may more romantically call it….a diary. I’ve had mad point of my life when my teenage angst drove me to always start diaries but I never kept up. Anyway whats the point of putting your secrets in print when it really should be locked up safely and soundly in the folds of your mind (where it belongs).

If you have read my blog before, my earlier posts do talk about the purpose (of lack thereof) of life. I had lamented that we women go to school, graduate, work, become wives, mothers, grow old then…? then what? I dont think I had really understood life and what it is about.

Guess I didnt…but now at least I’m heading in the right direction, somewhat groping in the dark…but getting there.

I shall use all efforts to restrain myself from airing my 2010 resolutions or else it would be like I’m shooting myself in the leg. Suffice to say one of my main concerns is to be more environmentally friendly in 2010 and beyond, and planning for our honeymoon! One in a lifetime, apparently, gotta get it right!

Til then, happy new years again, wishing all of you a blessed year ahead and many fairytale happiness-es.

I’m off to critique Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. TA!


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