And my nomadic existence wears on

Hello people – again a apology first for the lack of blogging. Wait, before I surrender, I have a legit excuse this time! I have moved on from a hotel to an apartment and there is no internet connection here (yet) just cause its a new place. But my dearest other half couldnt wait for Monday for the internet tech support to arrive so today he went out and desperately got the portable maxis broadband thingy. Slow but we’re connected! yay! I’m sure its not fast enough to support his gaming this whole week so I’m hoping to have him ALLLL to myself this week (little does he know it of course – plus the fact that he has slid down to prolly my number 9th out of 10th fan – he’s not reading my blog much anyways).

So whats been happening this past week? We all getting out of the holiday mood yet – coming slowly down back to earth too?

For us, the clock is ticking – slowly but surely toward our wedding date. We are extremely fortunate to have our wedding planner be super efficient and honestly I havent had much to do except buy my shoes and plan the guest list. I am leaving the rest entirely up to God.

I have this annoying habit lately of waking up at 5am each morning for the past week. I toss around abit (i’m suffering from mild backache) and go back to bed in about 40 mins and wake up again for breakfast. My bodily functions are pretty much haywire of late – and it has the habit of keeping to routine. I do not want 5am to be the routine. Does anyone have a cure for this?

I was in Pavillon earlier today and they are ALREADY selling chinese new year knick knacks! Some shops in the Curve were already playing Chinese New Year songs! Talk about milking it. Not like the ‘tung tung chang’ background music does anything to stimulate my browsing into actual shopping and buying. Sheesh. If anything it drives me out of the shop!

I finished 2 novels lately, and they were “The Alchemist” but Paulo Coelho and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” bu Steig Larson. I had always (as I said on my last post) wondered what the fuss about the Alchemist was all about. It really is a neat and cute little story, and it was sold as compared to the Little Prince by Antoine Saint Exupery. I DID enjoy it, I did find it unique and on the magical side. A story told without pomp and circumstance and it really was quite lovely in a small, solid, package. It is recommended.

For Girl with the dragon tattoo – different genre entirely. More like a mystery/crime story. It had me hooked in some parts. Interestingly it was translated into English and was originally written in Swedish. Nothing fantastic though – just so so entertaining. I had thought the title to be somewhat beckoning and again, I was in a hurry.

I am now ploughing through something slightly heavier, much more epic (a story told in the 1100’s) where the story revolves around the building of a cathedral. I had 5 minutes to choose a book from Borders before my legs gave way, and they dont seem to have a best seller list?? Will review it later….

Til my next post!


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