mobile broadband = jalur lebar mudah alih – what wonderful direct translation

OH – an apology is at the tip of my fingertips! but as my sifu and loyal blog reader has commented – no apologies are necessary. its just as if my body has come kind of blog-apology tick – maybe its a sort of OCD-ness I may have.

I was loathe to come online at all seeing that this Maxis Broadband mobile connection was really a painful experience. whats worse than a really really slow internet connection? You have to literally get up and go do something else before a page loads. Then there are times where there is no connection at all. While I’m watching TV, I can see a frustrated internet-is-my-life geeky man next to me (my husband) frequently going into the Maxis internet access page, connecting and disconnecting in vain hopes the connection might re-establish itself magically. Then the laptop lid is slammed shut in irritation and the his eyes drift to the movie we were ‘watching’.

I made a mental note to complain like crazy on my blog before i went to bed last night, and i rehearsed what I wanted to say in my mind. (The chinese tea i consumed with my Pau Xiang Bak Kut Teh dinner did nothing to lull me into sleep and kept me awake til 3am!) But, what do you know? Today’s internet connection is somewhat bearable! I could even load my blog posting page. Does Maxis use their satellites to read our minds too now?

My nomadic existence continues on. But I am getting the hang of apartment living. It makes me feel alot closer to my husband, who is usually only within a radius of 20 ft of me and not holed up in his computer study room (he could have been on a different planet physically and i wouldnt have known). Shouting across rooms also works now, rather than intercoms/paging we use at the other house in order to summon someone for dinner downstairs. Its just so convenient!

The only thing is getting used to using lifts everytime you get in and out of the apartment. all the way up and down 34 stories. as the apartment is relatively newly built, not everyone has moved in yet and the lift usually comes within 30 seconds of being summoned and almost 99% of the time you ride in it alone. And you need those security key cards to move up and down so we spend quite alot of time in the lifts taking our guests in and out, just cause the intercom doesnt work yet.

The wedding is creeping up so quietly and subtly. The event we’ve started planning more than 9 months ago is finally looming up. I should feel some anxiety but so far am still quite calm. There are always last minute things to arrange so i’m going to leave the worrying to the last 3 days before the event! I should be getting back to my ‘work’. to be continued…..


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