The young boy

Are all young boys innocent? Now, I mean that in an ‘innocent’ way, not in the perverted manner.

I caught a lift today in Pavilion shopping mall and as usual, let the others out of the lift before I went in, and as I walked in, the doors closed so quickly and hit my left wrist right smack on my watch. It hurt alittle and I was alittle peeved to see who closed the doors on me. A young boy muttered “Sorry! Sorry!” and sank to the back of the lift.

I nursed my wrist a while and looked at him. I noticed the boy was very young and skinny – approximately 16 or 17 years old. Not very tall, not taller than I was. He was dressed in sales assistant clothes, the typical black slacks, white shirt, tie and name tag. The one thing I noticed quickly was that he had a hairlip or cleft lip.

He looked abit scared – maybe because I was looking at him. His hairstyle was typical of a teenager, and he had small chinese eyes. I thought: this could have been my brother. I asked him “You work here?” He nodded. I asked him where? He answered ‘Parkson’ quite abruptly. I smiled at him, in case he thought i was about to scold him. He didnt really look me much in the eye, and he looked rather nervous. I was so preoccupied that I missed my floor – I didnt recognise it.

The lift opened at the foodcourt level and he rushed out abit like a scuttling rabbit. I followed him out – since I was there, I wanted to get fruit juice. I spied him out of the corner of my eye…he walked away very fast and disappeared. From the back, he really could have been my brother….but one thing about Vern – even if he was scared a stranger spoke to him alone in a lift, he would not let it show, in fact, he would prolly give his best “i’m tough, dont mess with me” look even though he was nervous inside.

tears again welled up in my eyes. my emotions sometimes get the better of me. But i cast it out in Jesus’s name and told myself…Vern has gained – and instantly I felt better.

I found a few new old pictures of Vern yesterday while sorting through old pics for our wedding childhood montage.

CNY 2008

Vern CNY 2008 - 15.5 years old

Simple Vern

Stone faced Vern. This would be the face he would use in the Lift today.

When he doesnt want to be photographed...


3 thoughts on “The young boy

  1. SueAnn, somehow I can understand how you feel. My cousin brother passed away in 2003, and a dear uncle last month. Sometimes, randomly, a flicker of something will bring back thoughts of them, and I can feel my eyes swimming in tears. After reading your entry, and watching a recent Korean series, I really don’t know what’ll happen if -TOUCH WOOD- the same happens to any of my nucleus family members. I wonder if I can be as strong as you. I always console myself, thinking they’re “on a better land”, free from sufferings and pains, and am having a blast with some “cool” friends, or getting acquainted with long lost relatives.

    • hi melissa…..good to meet u. Your cousin brother passed away in 2003, sorry to hear that…and the wounds are still fresh today, right? So are mine, and its only been 8 months and I havent seen Vern alive for 10 months. To give you some hope and comfort, it is said that God will not put you through more than you can bear. He is real and always there and I have learnt that in the past 8 months. BTW, blog access??? 🙂

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