Wedding bells are a-clanging

The tide is slowly becoming more furious. Not the tide maybe, more like the current. Undercurrent. (Notice the lack of apology here?) haha…well OK, the sad and torturous maxis mobile broadband has seen the end of its days in the apartment – the end of its tether. We are happily on streamyx broadband now and finally we actually get to watch videos on youtube. Too bad its our last night in the apartment – Murphy’s Law, unfortunately. Why? Because it took TM more than a week to send someone over to install it.

The BIG day is sneaking up on us faster than I can say “I do”! Every conversation I have with someone has the opening lines of “how is the wedding prep going?” I can see everyone is equally concerned for the well being of the event.

Well, the well being of the event is balancing precariously on the tip of a prism at this moment – its between make or break! Everything seems to be in place, but yet not. There MUST be things left to the last minute, we are the mother of all last minute idiots, unfortunately, we made no exception when it came to our wedding.Like right now, my ears are saturated with pleasing, romantic yet catchy yet meaningful songs – a selection of thousands whittled down to 40. No songs of war, famine, murder, travesty or heartbreak, please!

Are 40 gooey songs enough? No one will be sober or bothered enough to notice if we re-play 40 songs over again, will they?

OK I admit, I keep going on with the songs because I am putting off that arduous task of sorting the guest list – prolly the size of a small ‘kampung’. The nightmare starts there.

Overseas friends are filtering in loyally, all psyched up for the party sesh and the festivities. The ‘once in a lifetime’ tagline is really being milked to the last drop. Its a really lovely feeling to have your close friends with you to celebrate your big day (and for some, of biting the dust). “There goes another one!”

Oh what will I do with myself after the wedding is over??


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