I love Hong Kong! (Updated with pic)

Once again we are in the city of max efficiency, yellow and red taxis, cool weather, funky people and wonderful food! Ron and I looked at each other and felt…we are home! Second home, I mean. Everything down to the beeping of the taxi meters were familiar. Its been over 8 months since I last visited and nothing much has changed, which is fantastic!

Our friend Vicks said….Surely this is not your honeymoon trip? We laughed and said…at least its not Pangkor! Well by God’s blessing, we may be able to continue on our trip to our final honeymoon destination in Tahiti toward mid-month (typhoons and other factors notwithstanding), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! If this really comes through, my blog would be reallly colourful, I promise!

The weather here is cool and lovely, slightly windy at times with some intermittent drizzle but that doesnt stop us from hitting the shops (borrowed hotel umbrella in tow!). When we passed by the shops in the taxi, I was elated (and excited) to note there were “FINAL SALES” displayed in shop windows. Well that could also mean that most of the good stuff are gone and leftovers are icky and the new arrivals are not discounted. Oh well!

Last night we had a romantic dinner (I felt quite ill so I didnt really enjoy the succulent roasted pigeon or venison saddle – whichever part of Venison that is!) and we left rather quickly after dinner. The cuisine was Italian, and service was great. The ambience in Grissini’s (located in Grand Hyatt, Wanchai) was romantic and there was a good view of the Hong Kong skyline. The giant neon signs on the building screamed “KUNG HEI FATT CHOI” and other words in chinese, which i assumed said “Kong Hei Fatt Choi” too!

The view from our table at Grissini's.

Now on to porridge in causeway bay with hubs. I love Hong Kong!

Have a great day everyone and God bless!


One thought on “I love Hong Kong! (Updated with pic)

  1. Hong Kong is worldwide well known as the shopping heaven reason for it is that duty free for branded stuff. I checked a Digital camera price there and here i saw here that product in Hong Kong is few hundred bucks cheaper than the listed price in Singapore and malaysia ! then i noticed why most people prefer to get shopping here

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