Into the 3rd day in Hong Kong

Its 9.06am approximately and yes I am up and blogging in the tranquility of our hotel room which belies whats going on on the outside. The view of Hong Kong outside is hampered by pretty gray clouds and fog though – the weather was quite chilly last night. I have been waking up pretty early each day…maybe waking up in Hong Kong promises abit more excitement than other parts of the world that I’ve been to.

I give myself a pat on the back for covering the few usual hotspots which I’m used to, going slightly mad in H&M yesterday and Island Beverly the day before. Today yields another day of shopping adventures and I wont let feeling ill stop me!

Last night we were treated to pretty good and cheap Hot Pot in Sheung Wan called “King Kee” – did I mention cheap? The amount of sliced beef we ordered probably sacrificed a whole cow for the 13 of us. It resulted in me overeating and suffering from indigestion later that night which subsequently gave me a panic attack because I was alone in my hotel room and I thought I was about to faint. My blood pressure dropped and I felt breathless for a while that I had to lie down. It wore off in 5 minutes and hubby came back after 30 minutes to offer me a back massage. Saved!

After a half a day of shopping and eating, we needed a break. Lunacy of actions as a result. From L to R: Me, Stena, Ai Wee and Christine.

Our group at a HK Char Chan Teng in Central - dont know the name, sorry! From L to R: Dylan, Ai Wee, Christine, Ron, Me and Stena

Us after digging into the Hot Pot dinner. We all look pretty satisfied with ourselves

Stena and I at Hot Pot

Me and my pot pot @ Hot pot!

Today we have evil ambitions to head for more shopping followed by a big party at a well known club tonight called Dragon-I. I have never been there but I anticipate alot of hot chicks parading around in sexy designer wear and false eyelashes. I’m way too old for that, unfortunately, so my husband will have to do his eye washing and be content with that!

I was watching an old rerun of “Friends” last night. It was after Chandler was married to Monica. Joey stood at their apartment window and kept making body signs to a hot chick in the building opposite. While Monica was seated on their couch, Chandler forgot himself and said excitedly “I want to see that Hot chick too!” but halfway during his run to the window, he remembered Monica on the couch an he made a quick u-turn back to the couch exclaiming to his wife “THERE you are!”

This reminded me of my husband, except he would be unrestrained and unabashed in checking out the Hot Chick first before the u-turn to the couch! OUCH!

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