The chill day

Ooh it comes to my last full day in HK! The last day for any more ‘damage’ to be done, really.

How quietly and swiftly the days go by and the final day of your holiday sneaks up on you unawares. Finally I WILL have to start packing or organising my suitcase to check if I really can fit all my new wares in and more importantly…do i have any space for more!? Very crucial isnt it?

Weather report: Hong Kong is still cool and foggy. Yesterday it was actually pretty chilly at 17 degrees looks like today will be no exception.

Yesterday we wandered around for some shopping but nothing caught our eyes so we settled into a scenic coffee lounge called Sevva toward late afternoon (with a great view of course) and had delicious duck foie gras pate for tea. Stena was our guide for the day. It was really a chill day with nothing on the cards and by 630pm we were back at the hotel (waited 30 minutes in a taxi que at Central!) begging for a nap.

Ron, Dylan and Ai Wee at Sevva

Outside on the deck @ Sevva

Im not exactly proud of my pose in this picture - but I wanted to show everyone the lovely view from the deck.

Horsing around. This is what 30 minutes in a taxi queue does to people.

At 11pm, my other half and our friends were ready to hit Dragon-I, a swanky club in Lan Kwai Fong. I, however, had to make do with surfing pictures OF the club on the internet website and ‘enjoying’ my own company in the hotel room – I wasnt feeling very up to clubbing as I talked about in my previous post. My poor hubby must have felt guilty midway through. He appeared back in our hotel room at 1.30am (I thought wow! so early! must have been a drab night!) but he had just wanted to come back to *amazingly* give me a back massage and ‘put me to bed’! My eyes were almost squinted shut with suspicion. I harangued him (gently lest I offend him) with questions – any hot chicks at Dragon-I? You sure there was none? Not a single ONE? Why did you come back here all alone halfway? Thats weird…etc etc etc.

After 15 minutes he headed off to Dragon-I again and I began my ‘troubled’ sleep.


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