Memories of Vern

Hi everyone….I just viewed the video “Memories of Vern” done by my brother Jeen – it brought on the ‘torrential rains’ (again!).

Just to share, its on youtube linked here

We miss you Vern


2 thoughts on “Memories of Vern

  1. You and me have this weird timing of thinking of someone we care dearly. Out of the blue, I thought of my late Uncle Andrew, and posted something about him yesterday. And today, I read your entry “Memories of Vern”.

    I hope you’ll not have too many “torrential rains” event, incase Vern’s watching. He could be jamming with some buddy angels, and start his “torrential rains” session after watching yours!

    Have a wonderful CNY; Hereby wishing you all things good in year or *rawr-ing* Metal/Golden Tiger =)

  2. hey dearie

    *HUGS* Try not to think too much..

    From today onwards, happy thoughts only k? It may be impossible but do try…

    we are here for you anytime.

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