Sunny Adelaide


Hello all….internet connection was down to a sorry, deathly, slow ebb (abit like my blog) this whole week since we landed in Ron’s Adelaide home on Saturday. I’m so glad to be back in Australia – I’ve missed it unknowingly for the past 2 years! My first purchases upon arrival?

MmmmMm Cadbury Flake - i love....

And my 2nd indulgence?

So far Australian lattes are the best!

And the aisles at the supermarket gives me the thrills! Rows and rows of naughties (.e.g Chicken in a bizkit etc) which are deliciously sinful and UNattainable in Malaysia.

Time passes slowly here with daytime naps as the highlight of the afternoon. The sun burns (literally) bright on your skin during the day so its better for the Puteri Lilin to stay in the shade in case she melts!

The shopping in Australia is still as boring as ever. Nothing much changes over the years and the retail offerings are still the FCUK, Witchery, Sportsgirl, Cue, Portmans, Dotti, Supre, Kookai, Myers and David Jones’ variety. Something like a thin shift dress at Dotti, for example, is going for AUD69.90 or RM210. Shopping will not be my main focus here, obviously – I can now only afford the Cotton On “best values” section since I no longer earn Australian dollars…ssnifffle. So i guess I should just stick to Cadbury chockies and lattes.

I hope I can be more entertaining in my next post – its just the Aussie life! Or is it the Adelaide life?


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