The Adelaide summation for the week

So I have not blogged for A-WHILE now. Much as I have nothing much to do in sleepy Adelaide, I find I have less time to blog as I have to sleep so much more. Its either the bed here or the weather (mostly hot but cool inside) and the quietness of the country. Or maybe its that holiday spirit that leaves my muscles in lazy mode, leaving the brain with even less functional ability.

I am feeling mighty lonely tonight because my hubs has gone to Melbourne for a night for a meeting (no doubt enjoying himself in Crown Casino as I type) – so I only have myself, Leonardo DiCaprio (now on Channel 10, “the Beach” is showing) and the computer – so all 3 things come together and voila my brain (and fingers) is working again. What is better than spending the night at home in your jammies with Leo in front of you?

I can sum up my uneventful week in Adelaide in today’s blog post.

1. We had a lovely degustation meal at the Penfold’s Magill Estate restaurant – lovely view of the sunset across the vineyard, followed by a delicious (albeit 3 hour long) dinner.

the charming Magill restaurant seats 65 only and the food was excellent*

2. I had cold rock ice cream (you choose the ice cream flavours and then mix-ins, which will be crushed and added into your ice cream). I of course, predictably ordered Cadbury Flake (x2) and a small bar of snickers for the heck of it.

Mix-ins being added into the ice cream**

3. Another good restaurant we tried in the city was Auge` – pronounced as “OW-JE” for Italian food. Great service and good food!


4. And finally, THE highlight – Vietnam Restaurant in Pennington, about 20 – 25 minutes drive from the city. Worth the drive! The yummiest vietnamese rolls I had in years, although the pho’ was mediocre. No pictures for this place but just imagine any old busy vietnamese restaurant.

5. We watched one miserable movie this week and a miserable movie it was. The Wolfman. Actually the name of the movie should have set off the B-grade alarm bells but surely Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt were not looking for a career kill? I decided from the first 10 minutes of the film that it would be a disaster! A total waste of time and AUD17 per person!

The poster deceives#

And now, for what irritates me most here? The charming speed limit of 60 KM per hour (50 in some places) which drives me nuts (and I have only been the passenger so far!). 60kms per hour – try driving at this pace on a long stretch of road – its a snails pace. Even a senior citizen in a ratty old jalopy would drive faster than that.

All in all, its been real chill here and I’ve managed to squeeze in afternoon naps every single day.The highlight of my day!






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