Of babies and gassiness

I sometimes wonder what attracts a person to my blog.

What are the demographics of my blog readers? Its like a mystery.

Well I think the first reason for which a person even clicks on http://www.limsueann.wordpress.com is the fact that there ARE updates and the thing is still alive! I assure you that the continuity and livelihood of my blog is very much on my mind, even during times I don’t feel like turning on my pc.

Today, I am introducing a new category into my blog – “Pregnant & Lovin’ It“. The name suggests that I need more positive thoughts about pregnancy – as so far I’m stilll waiting for that pregnancy “glow”. However, my hair is duller than ever, my appetite is nowhere near ‘healthy’ and I have no cravings! At about 4 months along now, I think its safe to announce – and create an opportunity to share about my pregnancy experience. It might clear up some confusion about the ‘illness’ I have been talking about on my blog earlier too…so in case you had wondered…yes, the stork is getting busy!

Lately I have been fantasising about having a makeover. A younger, more chic look perhaps? I feel ancient, like a hundred years old. Being preggers (what a charming term) and hardly in tip top condition (I’m one of those, yes) with bloatedness, gassiness, constipation, indigestion and all the other unpleasantries of prenancy – does not help with my self image right now! The act of even wearing mascara is a major effort (the very thought of taking it off later tires me out!).

Ok, but moving into the 2nd trimester now, I can hardly complain. Most of my nausea has gone but it has been replaced by this nasty excess saliva problemo which I hear is quite common in pregnancy but only to a small amount of unfortunate women. I’m just hoping and praying fervently that this problem wont last until the 9th month.

A friend once told me that you cant imagine how amazing a human body is until you have life growing inside. God has truly blessed us.




4 thoughts on “Of babies and gassiness

  1. I missed reading your blog for about 3 weeks and you’ve got bubbling news already!! *huggles* congratulations babes!!! I’m so excited already 🙂 God bless …

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