Good morning, Mel-BOURNE!

I havent looked forward to waking up in the morning for the longest time. The cool Melbourne air is so familiar – smells sweet!

It would have been nicer if I had woken up to a crisp morning near the botanical gardens but right now we are in Melbourne CBD – the familiar dingdings of the trams and the sound of the trams going over tram lines still makes me feel ‘at home’. This city is one so easy to walk in.

A lovely Sunday for a huge hot bowl ofVietnamese Pho’  – we had already planned it last night. I don’t care if I have to wallop down 2 gallons of water after that to counter the dry MSG aftertaste (or if I find a fingernail in my soup! ewww!)

Yums - better than what you get in Vietnam???*

So the best thing is – what do you do on a Sunday in Melbourne (no rain, abit of shine, temp 22 degs high, 18 low) – NOTHING, and be happy about it!

We had a brief stint in Crown Casino last night – I thought I had some beginners luck lurking in me after 2 years of not visiting the roulette tables, but the high betting minimums in the “Agony Room” (ok, its really the Mahogany Room) left me high and DRY after 5 rounds or about 15 minutes. “That was one expensive cup of ‘free’ hot choc I had!” Now I remember why I hate gambling – Cos you can’t win!

Luckily my husband more than made up for my loss at Baccarat *shy* and we still walked away with a smile (one hot choc later and about 5 glasses of coke for him!) One thing I couldn’t stand was the cigarette smoke in there – everywhere people lighted up except at selected tables where “For your own convenience, smoking is not permitted at this table”.

Oh well – whats a trip to Melbourne without visiting Crown Casino? I guess I’ve surmised I can’t make a career out of it due to my poor gambling skills so I will only think about food!

Melbourne life and adventures to be continued!



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