The Scan

Lets see, what are the updates in my life? Other than the fact we are having a baby and heaps of preparatory work needs to be done (mentally, physically) nothing much else has been on my mind. Baby names especially have been plaguing me. I quote Cher in”Clueless” – “And I’m already so picky with what goes on my feet!”

A baby name is so important that we found the need to ‘invest’ in a huge, gigantic book of 100,000 baby names. Why? Well a baby name cannot be too unique, too hard to pronounce, too common, too weird, too old, too trendy and the list goes on. The nerve factor is that the baby WILL grow into an adult and have that name for his or her entire life!

I have some in mind but everything seems “not good enough” and we both cannot agree on the names we both like. The search wears on.

We had a level 2 scan last week to check on the health of the baby, and its really surprising how detailed these things are. I had to lie down for almost 1 hour for the scan, while the expert (what do I call her, Scan Specialist?) very professionally and quickly producing more than 30 images on an x-ray sheet (this is after she subtly told me off for being 5 minutes late for the appointment). We got to see the 4 parts that make up the baby’s beating heart, feet, bones in its leg and arms, lips, spine, bladder, diaphragm and got measurements of everything to ensure its growing at a healthy rate. Our baby’s feet were really cute. Of course, the expectant (and traditional) cina-pek parents were so keen to find out about the gender of the baby so the Specialist checked twice! and confirmed we are getting a baby princess!

On to the girly things!


7 thoughts on “The Scan

  1. Oh Sue, it’s a girl! WEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! and i was just at Mothercare in Brunei today, going ooohh..aaahssss at the baby girl section! They have such pretty things! Me so happy for you!

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