A gentle reminder

Sometimes I find its a real miracle when my blog goes nearly to the end of its life (of course due to my tidak-apa attitude) and I consider if I want to go one and suddenly, snap! it revives itself. Thank you all my readers (silent or not) for your continuous support.

Last night I had a morbid half dream/half thought.What I am about to say about death might be offensive to some so please do not read on if you cannot stomach it.

Have you even imagined yourself floating up into the ceiling of your house/sky looking down at your own dead body? You are in your casket, looking peaceful and sleeping, all life is drained out of you. Now you float up and can you imagine what it would feel like? The bigger, more important question – where are you going?

I never thought of death and what it would be like after that – we walk around blissfully unawares all our lives until we attend some poor person’s funeral (where perhaps death is just a fleeting, passing thought in your mind when you get home). When I was younger I would be told, ‘Ensure you take your bath and wash your clothes’ after attending a funeral. When you attend a funeral, you feel as if you should ‘creep’ into the house in case you catch the host/family members in a bout of tears and you would feel bad for looking.

When you are youthful and have (in a typical, standard lifetime) have more years to go in life than the years you have actually lived on earth, why, death is a dark sombre thought only reserved for the suicidal and perhaps mentally ill! When the thought of death even results in a loud exclamation of “Chaik! Dai Kat Lai See” or “Touch wood!”

Lets not be ignorant my friends.

Today, can I jolt you out of this blissful slumber – if you like, just to ponder for 5 seconds – where are you going when you die? I’m pretty sure myself of the answers – a firm believer in the heaven and hell doctrine. I cringe at the thought of being sent to hell. Of course, many of us say happily and firmly without a second thought “I do believe in A God” in their efforts to be slightly more spiritual than the regular atheist. I’m afraid, this is really not good enough.

We don’t know when we are leaving this earth – I’ve said time and again – are you ready for this journey?

I am almost 100% sure where we go after we die, leaving the almost 100% remainder of doubt and questions to fuel my Christian faith and grow in spiritual maturity for the rest of my life.

Its a constant battle between doing your daily chores/work/babies/family/commitment/entertainment during the day accordingly to ‘worldly’ standards as compared to Christian ones. For me it is anyway. As Mr Rick Warren says in his fantastic book “The Purpose Driven Life” (I shall blog about this wonder of a book in a separate post) – we can be ‘worshiping’ God throughout the day even when we are doing our daily works, not just during our quiet time at night.

Just a gentle reminder.


3 thoughts on “A gentle reminder

    • hi Ridz – how r u!! silent reader huh? hehehe…not anymore! thanks for the comment…i like to jar the senses once in a while…:)

  1. Oh, I so dislike the “touch wood” phrase. Why are we so afraid of death and speaking of it. It’s not taboo and shouldn’t be stored in a closet, high above everything else!

    It’s an eventuality and we should embrace it so that fear is eradicated. Though I didn’t quite enjoy The Purpose Driven Life, I am a wholehearted subscriber of being death-friendly and it doesn’t scare me a bit. Grace and I sometimes joke about who will go first – I would rather die before her (so she can clear the junk in the house!), as it’s harder to continue on, leaving the spouse behind.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – yes, I am quite an avid follower of what you write, even if it’s knitting related! :p

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