Pregnancy Blues

The world of pregnant women used to be a mystery to me.

Not even a mystery – the thought of it didnt even cross my mind. Now I have submersed myself into Pregnancy, baby and etc magazines instead of Cosmo/Vogue/Marie Claire and the likes (due to my jealous drooling over the latest fashions for NON pregnant women).

I must say that the stuff in the pregnancy magazines are quite repetitive and while the tips may be very helpful, how many times do I need to read about:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Bathing Babies
  • The bag to pack when I go to the hospital for labour
  • Types of anesthetics
  • Maternity wear
  • Maternity underwear
  • Birthing experiences
  • and the list goes on

SIGH! Not only I feel bloated like a balloon 24 hours a day (especially after dinner), am completely dehydrated due to me spitting out my excess saliva, lack of liquids drinking due to my terrible bloated stomach – I have to deal with constipation, eating the  necessary especially fibre (although being careful not to over fiberise myself in case of gas), backaches, have issues sleeping on my left side (my ribs hurt after 5 mins in that position), going to the toilet more often, pimples, being hairier and having oilier hair.

To top it all off, I read that, as the baby grows, my internal organs all gets pushed around to the sides of my body like ‘masak masak’!

On the upside, a great announcement!

I felt the baby flutter and move a fair bit in the past few days….it felt like gas in the lower abdomen at first but now I’m quite sure the baby’s doing cartwheels. I feel it most when I’m not moving and I’m lying flat on my back (not sure how much longer I get to enjoy sleeping on my back!) So in the next couple of months, I will only be sleeping on my RIGHT side for the whole night because my tummy would be too big to lie flat on my back and my left side doenst work either.

Oh pregnancy blues….GO AWAY!


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