The Professional Knitter

After more than a month of stewing in Australia and spending 3/4th of that time growing moss in Adelaide, I have put my foot down (gently and slothlike-ly) to doing something useful and creative with my time. So it was between (a) Painting and (b) Knitting (GASP!)

So the verdict?

It had to be knitting since painting involved paints (messy) and drawing (i’m no Picasso) and would produce a useful end product (even a crooked, holey, uneven scarf would benefit a poor homeless man on the street!)

This eager beaver did her research online and I found a shop called The Yarnbarn – and I was off (husband in tow) to get the knitting paraphernalia. According to my Learner’s Book for Beginners, someone would need:

1. Knitting needles (you wont believe how many sizes and lengths of needles there are for the numerous sizes of wool)

2. A sewing needle for joining seams on sweaters etc

3. A measuring tape

4. Sharp scissors

5. Stitch holders for holding something which is being knitting halfway so the stitches won’t unravel

OK, no brainer items. So I got some of the stuff above (all excited and hubby was equally excited so I’d get off his back while he is playing WOW). I spent ALLLL day yesterday attempting to make a Valentino-esque chilli red wool scarf. I mastered the CAST ON, KNIT stitch and CAST OFF so I stopped my scarf to try other stitches first (quite proud of myself because I managed to do all that by reading the learner’s guide).

The Professional Knitter! Haha....havent even managed to knit a whole handkerchief! I should stop here and make a handphone case instead of a scarf.

Massive backaches later I managed to learn another stitch so I gave myself a pat on the back. The lady owner at the Yarnbarn conducts classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays so I’ll prolly be off to one of her classes to find out more about this whole knitting business. Time to make little baby bolero cardigans!

p/s You can see abit of my baby bump in the pic above.


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