A day at the winery

One of the few activities we managed to pull off in Adelaide in the past few weeks: a day at the winery! Wait, not a DAY per se, rather a solid couple of hours at 2 wineries.

Pregnant me only managed some very wet-my-lips sipping of (only very grudgingly selective range of) wine at the Bird in Hand winery in Adelaide Hills, while Ron and our friends had a field day on the wine tasting. I could only make full use of my time by cam-whoring and multiple usage of their toilet facilities.

The scenery was quite a feast for the eyes and relaxing. We havent been to a winery in the past few years.

Doing the tasting, smelling, gargling, spitting, facial expression and sucking of the tongue Oh so professionally.

Me and Hubs at Bird in Hand.

Calvin, Ron and Angie happy with their wares.

And more tasting at another winery. Neither Ron and I can remember the name of it, but the wines werent all that memorable either... 😛

The pregnant woman felt alittle left out of the tasting’s fun and games but its OK…alittle fresh “country” air and activity was great. We ended up with at least 6 – 12 bottles of wine each – ours will be kept for….after the baby comes obviously!


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