After Earth Hour 2010

This was my first time being a participant in Earth hour 2010, so it was lights off for a very disciplined 1 hour last night. We took out the fishing/director foldable chairs, took our drinks, lit the tealights, candles and sat on the balcony. We took some pictures but they werent very clear – we wanted to see if Adelaide would take earth hour seriously. We bet that we would see no change at 830pm.

Ooh not very clear, I'm afraid. Anyway this is supposed to be the BEFORE picture.

The after picture - a block of lights DID go out and we were suitably impressed! Adelaide is not so sleepy after all!

So after 10 minutes of idle chatting, the quietness of surroundings, examining the lights on the horizon and discussing Earth Hour, we twiddled our thumbs. 5 minutes later, Ronnie says (in a small voice) “Can I watch Iron Chef on TV now?” and everyone else said “No! We have to be disciplined!” He tried to argue it was about just turning off the light and not the TV. After 30 minutes, he turned on his laptop. So hard without electricity, innit?


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