Last Leg

We are now officially on the last leg of our “tour” (sound like rockstars but clearly just two bored people) of Australia and am back in Melbourne to fly off back to KL soon. Oh how I never get sick of landing in Melbourne. The air is just so nice and fresh. Ronnie is confused, how much nicer is the air in Melbourne compared to Adelaide (he asks with a touch of sarcasm)

I reply that OK I rephrase, its not the quality, its the familiarity of the air!

I am happy and most glad to report that my excess saliva problem has abated and I now can (almost) go without a single spit for the whole day (not including spits i do in the shower…) and the horrific constipation I endured has seemed to also “cleared up” and now I’m just ‘singing in the rain’ (no sign of rain yet – but u get my drift)

After 1.5 months in Australia we are keen to go back to Klang’s Bah Kut Teh (upon touch down of course, as we usually do) and the Har Mee (Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee) from O&S beckons. The usual yakiniku we have at Munakata and also Dae Sa Kwan is a-calling. So we’ve got our food itinerary lined up for the first week. Even the SS2 char koey tiaw and the the Glenmarie Kwan Loh Mee promotes some saliva-producing.

But before I launch my mouth into all of that, my stomach is keenly abuzz now (almost lunch time) and we are headed off to my Melbourne crave – Crispy Chicken on rice in Dessert House. Ronnie’s eyes roll.

Till tonight (where we will be safely ensconced in K-Box Karaoke). I’ll be out. Ciaos!


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