Does the search end here?

I am in the 5th month of impending motherhood now and I can testify that this must be the best time of pregnancy (2nd trimester) as I sometimes dont even feel pregnant or forget about my baby bump! Other than the odd difficulty for bowel movement, its as good as it gets! I am hoping 3rd trimester will also be kind to me. Baby’s getting a little more active (usually) at night and i wonder if her head is on the top or bottom part of my body – such a mystery!

I have finally decided to join a Prenancy yoga class – timing is rather shite (930am on Saturdays or 7pm on Tuesday nights – just about during peak traffic hours). I hope after the yoga class I will still have enough energy for the drive home since I am quite easily breathless and have not been to any exercise classes in the past 3 years! I will be back with a full report on my first pregnancy yoga class if I end up there.

As it happens, hubby and I have finally found our dream home – its still a ‘dream’ because we have locked in a price, but we will need to wait a day for the owner to sign the Agreement to Purchase. So with my prayers to God and alot of finger crossing, I’m hoping this deal doesnt fall through like all the other previous ones. Pray for us, friends!

So indeed it is an extremely exciting time in life for me (can my heart take it!?) and I’m rather over the moon about the new home and waiting for our little bub’s arrival. Its really strange how another human being is going to be with us soon. Pregnancy is really a waiting game. Wait wait wait. Now i know how full term pregnant women feel – impatient to meet their new addition to the family. (Or its like….”Get it out, already!’)

I have more of less decided on a name for the baby, with hubby’s more or less approval. But since no hard, kiasu, anal studying has been completed on the 100,000 available baby girl’s names out there, I wont say anything’s firmed!

We have stocked our ‘nursery’ with the main major purchases; a pram, a sleeping cot and a change table. After recommendations from friends and based on our own research, we ended up with a Bug-a-boo Chamelon pram ( and Stokke Sleepi Cot and Care change table ( Would you believe these things take 12 weeks to be delivered?

Bugaboo Cameleon in Silver and Gray

Bugaboo Cameleon in Silver and gray

The Stokke Care change table on the left and Sleepi Cot on the right in White

The Stokke Care changing table converted into a student desk!

The Stokke stuff was rather pricey but worth the long term investment because of the ingenuity of the product. The cot can be expanded into a bed large enough for a 7 year old kid to sleep in and later be converted into 2 chairs. The change table can be converted into a student desk (but the chair is sold separately). Actually, the chair is converted from the Stokke Tripp Trapp babychair (which we havent bought).

So its very interesting how these baby nursery stuff act like little transformers. Better bang for buck? We’ll have to wait and see!

The Bugaboo cameleon we found to be one of the best in the market. We compared it to the Stokke Explory Pram and decided the Bugaboo one was just easier to fold and work on manually (especially removing the bassinet and changing it to the stroller).

For more details on prams and strollers comparisons, see for useful, real parent’s reviews on using the huge variety of prams.


2 thoughts on “Does the search end here?

  1. Hey Sue, really heart-warming to hear that soon you and Ron will be parents to a little girl. I’m REALLY happy for you both =) Glad you’re doing well and adjusting nicely in the best of health! I’ll be crossing my fingers that you’ll get your beautiful dream home for your beautiful family. These are really exciting times, enjoy every moment of it xoxo

  2. hi Tina thanks for the warm note. I am also wondering how you and Raul are doing? Do keep us updated with your big move! I think times are equally exciting for you. remember to call us when u are in KL!

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