The singer

I was greeted this morning by an email from my hubby asking me to check out this “Fat Chinese Kid, Lin Yu Chun..singing Whitney Houston’s I will always love you”.View it below.

It is always said the voice of a good singer never matches his/her appearance – keep in mind Ms Susan Boyle. Anyway Mr Lin’s (lets do away with derogatory terms such as ‘fat’ and ‘kid’) little coconut/mushroom hairstyle is best left to 3-year-olds in TV commercials (usually pictured with cute little labrador puppies probably).

He has a great falsetto and excellent control (his squeezing and squinting of his small eyes give it away) and maybe his adam’s apple is not fully developed. What a womanly croon.

The judges of the show seemed thoroughly impressed and when he sang, our baby (in my tummy) was dancing away! How cute!


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